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The logistics and supply chain area of marketing can often be a tricky one to understand. This is especially the case given that this area is being heavily dominated by technology these days. One investment banker, named Jason Russel talks about the importance of finding people who understand these technologies. He has a background in logistics, and since he’s an investment banker, he’s helped with many different transactions including the majority stake sale between 3GTMS and Sumeru Equity.

Russel writes about the importance of handling future investments with the aid of A.I. Even before A.I. Can fully understand logistics, there are many logistics software companies that will be providing services that will be essential in this market.

One bank that may be affected by this in the near term is the Sparkasse Bank Malta which was created in Malta in the year 2000. They have gone with the platform Innova, which is an AI platform that was created by the Fortia Financial Solutions company, a French FinTech. This program will make it so they can fully automate the reconciliation of assets, as well as processes like investment restriction checks, and making it easy for customers to report requirements of the custody operations businesses. The program was created in Fortia’s research lab in Paris. Innova can handle complex processes simultaneously for companies like Sparkasse Bank Malta.

Sparkasse Bank Malta will particularly benefit from Innova’s specialization to handle things like compliance for investment funds as well as related data processing. The program is full of AI algorithms that are so brand new that there are multiple patent filings affiliated with the innovation. It’s important for modern banks to keep up to date with modern software for handling everything related to investment banking so as to make sure that they don’t fall behind.

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