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QNET was founded by Dr. John Paul DeJoria, the founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems; and Amway Corporation’s co-founder Jay Van Andel. It started as an innovative network marketing model with the goal to provide employment opportunities for people who were unable to find work elsewhere. Today, this model continues to drive economic growth in countries like India where there are high rates of unemployment.

QNET has developed a number of initiatives that provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to earn an income. The company estimates that the more than 1,00,000 people who are selling their products and earning money from it today will rise to 10 million in the next five years. The key criteria for starting a business is ‘motivation’ and not ‘money’ according to Dr. DeJoria and Jay Van Andel.

They signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government of Tamil Nadu in 2016, to provide 150,000 jobs within five years in India by training unemployed people in Direct Selling. This agreement involved it identifying entrepreneurs from various sectors such as mobile recharge shops, grocery stores, vegetable vendors, tailors and beauticians.

It has achieved a double-digit growth in India for the last three years despite the Indian economy being impacted by various factors such as demonetization. Sales have reached US$80 million with an annual growth rate of 40%. When compared globally, this is higher than some countries such as China, Taiwan and Singapore.

The main reasons for this include:

– QNET’s long-term vision

– The entrepreneurial spirit of the Indian market and the population size (1.3 billion) which gives it a huge advantage to other markets, and has only been enhanced by digital currency and financial technology advancements such as iMobile and Paytm

QNET has focus on training and development, which has resulted in a high level of product and customer satisfaction

– Product innovation such as the recently launched e-commerce platform that offers a convenient shopping experience for customers with a wide range of products from health and wellness to personal care, beauty and accessories.Read more about QNET, here.


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