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Larry Baer, the Giants CEO is an exemplary sport professional. Soon after his studies at the Harvard Business School and the University of California, Berkeley, he began his career by working with the CBS Inc. and Westinghouse Broadcasting. Afterward, Larry joined Major League Baseball.

Consequently, in 2012, he became the CEO of the baseball organization.

In 1992, Baer rejoined the Giants and was given the role of an executive vice president. Due to his visionary leadership, he was appointed the chief operating officer four years later. Interestingly, in 2012, he became the CEO and president of the club. Consequently, his outstanding leadership enabled the Giants to win World Series Championship in 2012 and 2014.

Baer oversees all the activities in the organization. The SF Giants CEO led the construction of AT&T Park, which has received many accolades from the public. Besides, the club has increased its fans tremendously. Consequently, the Giants club has above 30,000 ticket holders and more than 3 million fans.

Larry Baer is the negotiator of the club. He oversees all strategies and business transactions, including Barry Bonds and business partnerships. Larry works with the baseball department of the cub to ensure strategic signings are done. Thus, he ensures all players are in uniform. Besides, he organized the All-Star Game that resulted in a partnership between the Giants and Comcast.

Baer is the chairman of the club’s development services. Consequently, he directs the Mission Rock Project aimed at making parks, residential units, parking spaces, restaurants, office space, and public amenities.

The outstanding leadership of the SF Giants CEO has earned him many awards. Some notable awards include the San Francisco Distinguished Leadership Award, Sports Torch of Learning Award, and Anti-Defamation League’s Torch of Liberty Award. Besides, UC Berkeley and Harvard Business School have honored him as an alumnus. Larry Baer is a family man with four children. His wife, Pam Baer, serves as a chairman at San Francisco General Hospital Foundation Campaign Committee. Larry Baer begins his day with a workout. Besides, he takes breakfast and gets updates on current affairs before leaving for office. He likes engaging the young generation and always encourages optimism. Consequently, the performance of Baer makes him an exemplary leader. Read this article to learn more.


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