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Mark Goode might be the one who leads Data Systems International at the moment but not a lot of them know how he managed to get the top of his field in such a short period of time. He came of age in the suburbs of Tulsa & liked growing crops on his family farm. As much as he enjoyed petting the horses & milking the cows, he always knew he was destined to do much bigger things than just driving a tractor for a living. This is why he moved to the big city when it was time for him to go off to college. The thought of working for field inventory was intriguing to him but in the end, he knew it was not the right path for him. As he got to KSU, he tried to ensure his GPA was the best in the class & this soon came to pass when he had a 3.0. By the time he had become an upper-class man, he was admitted into PBK but never took his eyes off the prize. With graduation looming large he knew it was time to start thinking about his future. This is why he applied to a lot of jobs in the area but the only place that would take him was this small business, cap. So, he opted to take it until such time as he could find something better. He was soon given an offer to join DSI Global & went back & forth on whether or not he should take it. In the end, it proved to be the right choice as he has now been thriving there for more than a decade & hopes to keep doing so as he looks to the future of his career. He lives in MO.

Data Systems International offers Cloud Inventory® solutions to companies as well as mobile-first supply chain applications used in the digital economy sector. Cloud Inventory remains unique in the market. Using this service, you will get valuable service at any time, as it is available on mobile devices. With this technology, you can easily track and monitor your inventory from when it leaves the warehouse, where it is in transit and identify its last destination.

When speaking of the various inventory controls, Field Inventory Management is very important. It involves the ability to maintain control of the inventory that is not physically within the four walls of the company. Since so much inventory is found in other locations, a lot of money can be tied into that, therefore it is very valuable to the bottom line for a company to be able to understand the details about all of their inventories in real time. See this page for additional information.


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