Michael Haltman

pushing ahead

By borrowing from his experience as a producer, John Ritenour created a conducive working environment in his company, IOA. This is because the experience taught him an essential lesson that can steer the success of any company. Having a positive corporate culture amid the 1980s and 1990s where employees had no voice made John’s company stand out. The IOA’s corporate culture is a unique one in that it allows its associates to control their destiny by giving them the freedom to unlimited commissions. Also, giving them incentives motivates them to work hard, hence increased productivity, which translates to the success of the Insurance Office of America.

Though John Ritenour retired from active leadership of the company in 2018, he still pays attention to cultivating a positive culture. In 2020, when the pandemic was at its peak, he and His son Heath brought in a renowned management consulting firm, Gallaher Edge, to spearhead the adoption of inclusive and diversified culture by the IOA.

This partnership bore GLIO, a program through which IOA is nurturing the talents of its workers. As they teach the employees on topics relating to self-awareness, maturity, self-accountability, and self-awareness, they will get their feedback on the company’s culture, hence helping the company find any loopholes that need immediate attention.

On top of motivating employees to report to work daily and boost sales, a solid corporate culture also ensures the company experiences minimal employee turnover, as stated by John Ritenour. His reason is that when producers feel their presence is valued and are involved in decision making, they find no reason to leave. Also, as per John Ritenour, happy employees will always put a good word for the company either to its potential clients, or aspiring producers, leading to a positive reputation. John also reminds agency owners that a good working environment will help their firms achieve success sooner than anticipated because a satisfied worker is more productive.