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pushing ahead

By being close to nature, the CEO, founder, and owner of Horizons Telecom, Horizons Datacenter, and e-Governe can see viable opportunities. After spotting interesting IT or civil construction opportunities, Haroldo Jacobovicz approaches the business players of that particular field to get more insights.

He then drafts a plan on how to actualize the idea. Reading is another aspect that leads Jacobovicz to new opportunities. Through reading, he also manages to be informed on the industry developments, helping him be where the market is and where it is going, hence standing out.

After a tremendous interest in IT filled the heart of Haroldo Jacobovicz, he couldn’t be separated from reading materials since he wanted to have thorough knowledge about Emerging Information Technology. Knowing where the future market would look like, he brought to board three experts to help him devise a product that will place the company in mind (Microsystem) to be where it is expected to be. The quadra minds came to a resolution to create software that will ease cash and stock management. When it came to marketing their product, they focused on developing businesses, who had less demand for automating their operations. This led to meager sales, and after a year in business, Microsystem collapsed.

After the company went down and Haroldo Jacobovicz received his degree in Civil engineering, Exxon Mobil recruited him to help them improve their IT department. His hard work, creativity, innovation, and expertise in IT moved him from one rank to the other. By the time he was leaving, he was the leader of commercial tactics, analyst of the market, and head of a newly formed subsidiary located in Rio de Janeiro. It is this extensive experience Haroldo Jacobovicz draws from to expand his companies. He is proud to own a firm in his line of interest, Horizons Telecom, the Brazilian leader in telecommunications. Haroldo Jacobovicz’s word to young entrepreneurs is not to be afraid of making mistakes, for it’s through failing they will learn. He also encourages them to invest more time in reading.

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