Wengie is a huge beauty an lifestyle guru who creates content on Youtube. Her Youtube channel currently has over 4 million subscribers with millions and millions of views, comments and likes. Originally born in China Wengie moved to Australia with her family when she was very young and she still resides there today. She is now one of the top Australian Youtubers.


One of Wengies most popular videos is her Holiday hacks video. In this video Wengie gives viewers some great tips and tricks to help them get through the holidays easier. There are hacks for making homemade ornaments and decor to decorate your room or house. These hacks use simple things you can find around the house such as red solo cups, buttons and a variety of other common items making them easy projects for anyone to do. One of the cutest projects was using a hanger and ornaments to make a festive looking wreath.


In the holiday hacks video Wengie also uses food to create tasty and festive snacks and desserts for the holidays. She creates mini santas with strawberries and mini snowmen with marshmallows making it a fun project for people of all ages. The best part apart the cute snacks is they also taste delicious. They are so simple to create and often the items are readily available in the fridge or local store.


One of the best decoration storage hacks in the video involved Christmas lights. Christmas lights get tangled so easily causing them to break and tear. Instead of just storing them away in a box simply wrap them around a hanger to keep them neat and in order. Not only does this organize them and help them from breaking and tangling but they can also be hung up for minimal storage and easy access once you want to use them again.

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