Trader Jim Hunt – Helping The Little Guy

Jim Hunt is a stock trader with a very aggressive reputation. One recent article even dubbed him a “whistleblower”. Jim Hunt believes in helping the little guy or small investor compete with the so-called big boys, the big investment banks of the world who currently dominate the world’s stock markets.

Jim Hunt recently announced a very ambitious project designed to demonstrate how simple his stock trading program is. He is going to attempt to make his mother a millionaire in 10 steps. Jim has enjoyed prior success that has helped him develop this new system. Not only that, you can follow his progress on YouTube. Jim will post proof of his progress as it develops.

Jim will start his mother with a thousand pounds and double that amount ten times. Jim’s system, simply put, involves finding stocks the so-called establishment are buying and then riding their coattails as the value of the stock slowly goes up. Patience is the key to making this system work. Jim Hunt says that a lot of people make stock trading more complicated than it is. Certainty is more important than speed according to Hunt.

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