The Success of Raj Fernando: A Thriving Entrepreneur

For those who have attempted to start their own business, know how difficult it is to achieve success as an entrepreneur. Looking at the success of Raj Fernando, shows the success of an entrepreneur in the field of finances. His success has come from founding Scoutahead, as well as his previous experience as founder and CEO of Chopper Trading. Before addressing his success as at these businesses, it is important to understand Raj Fernando’s background in education and finance, showing how much he has accomplished.

Before founding Chopper Trading, Raj Fernando, while still enrolled in college, gained valuable experience as a volunteer at Chicago Mercantile Exchange. It was at Chicago Mercantile Exchange that Fernando worked himself up through company, from the very bottom to the very top from 1991 to 2001. It was also during that time that Fernando worked his way up in the business, Chicago Firm and Trade. In 2002, a year after his time at both Chicago Mercantile Exchange as well as at Chicago Firm and Trade, Fernando made Chopper Trade. Fernando’s newly formed business grew to over 250 employees as well as developed Chopper Trade into one of the premiere global exchanges that included Nasdaq, LSE, ICE, and others. The success of Chopper Trade is mentioned in an online article by Smart Business. The article mentions how Fernando approaches hiring like a marriage; he doesn’t hire someone based on how profitable they make the business, but rather how enjoyable they are to work with.

In 2015 Fernando sold Chicago Mercantile Business to form Scoutahead a year later. Scoutahead is an internet start-up that is devoted to delivering high quality information to companies and individuals. This information is provided in Raj Fernando’s website. Scoutahead specializes in real time feedback when it comes to the employee review process. According to one website, it provides continuous online feedback for employees before their formal review. Fernando proves his success in how he was able to create successful businesses, Chopper Trade and Scoutahead. He is a thriving entrepreneur that shows how other entrepreneurs can be just as successful.

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