The Kabbalah Centre Looks To Lead Students To Enlightenment

The modern world can often make us all feel as though we are living in a world that it can be difficult to navigate alone; feelings of being unfulfilled of something missing can be felt by the majority of people who often find themselves looking for something more in life. The Kabbalah Centre has recently been filling this gap for people of all ages and belief systems without making any individual feel pressurized into following a specific faith or lead them on a path they feel unable to complete; established in New York in the 1960s by Rabbi Philip Berg, The Kabbalah Centre is now a globally recognized group that can be found in over 40 locations across the planet.

The work students carry out under the guidance of experienced teachers at The Kabbalah Centre is based on an ancient text known as the Zohar, which was originally translated to Hebrew in the 13th century by Rabbi de Leon in a bid to make the work more accessible than ever before; the teachers of Rabbi Berg themselves completed an English translation of the Zohar that has proven to be a success for Kabbalah students around the world from the 1960s onward.

There are many reasons why students look to The Kabbalah Centre for spiritual guidance, including the fact the group is based in Jewish teachings but never places any need on an individual student to convert as their studies progress. Many students have often been searching for a more spiritual and mystical way of living their lives and come up empty when looking to other areas of belief; The Kabbalah Centre does not attempt to guide its students to a specific place to complete their studies, instead teachers guide individuals towards their own breakthrough as they explore these ancient teachings.

Students will often be seen wearing a thin red piece of cotton on their left wrist, this is part of the ancient traditions of Judaism that are explored as a way of warding off bad luck or the ‘evil eye’. Looking away from the technology of the modern world is often a major part of the work of Kabbalah students as they seek an inner peace created by their own guided study of the Zohar.


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