Shop Local for Beneful, Shop Wal Mart

For years I have been shopping at my local Walmart for food and treats for my fur kids. After awhile, they too, like humans, tire of the same meal day in and day out! I did a little research and found that Beneful with real ingredients was available at the same Walmart that I shopped at on a weekly basis. Better yet, a 3.5-pound bag of Beneful Original made with real beef is only $5.98. A large 40-pound bag of goodness is only $33.98. Currently, you can find a $3.00 coupon at the Walmart site to save a little more on Beneful dry, grain-free dog food. And, of course, vendor coupons are always welcome.

Walmart carries a wide variety of Beneful dog foods, wet and dry. All made with healthy ingredients like real salmon, chicken, beef and vegetables. You’ll be able to find Beneful Originals, Healthy Weight, IncrediBites as well as puppy food made with chicken, peas, and carrots. Whether you’re looking for wet or dry dog food, the prices cannot be beaten. The moist variety, to include, Romana Style, Chopped Blends, and Stew, range in price from a single 10-once tub for $1.77 to 27 3-once cans for $14.94.

You will save in several ways shopping for your Beneful dog food at Walmart. First, the price starts out low. Second, Walmart offers rollbacks on hundreds of items every week. Third, but not least, coupons for further savings can be found on the Walmart site. In some cases, vendor coupons can be found within the packaging itself.I have taken advantage of these savings for years and my furry little children love the taste. Beneful dog food satisfies both, their hunger and health needs.

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