Secrets Behind The Unprecedented Successes Of James Dondero and Highland Capital

In the month of March 2017, Barron’s online newspaper featured the co-founder and CEO of Highland Capital James Dondero. James is a seasoned investor who’s minted millions of dollars in profits from speculating on the financial markets. Barron’s online edition newspaper draws in millions of readers on a monthly basis. In it, James gets depicted as a brilliant industry pace-setter. He was among the premier investors to cash in on alternative investments. He’s acumen leaves even the likes of Warren Buffet amazed.


Lucrative Argentine Interests


Dondero has ended up shocking the entire financial world many times over. He made a huge gamble betting for American Airlines, and it paid off brilliantly. He took another risk buying into the public debt of Argentina via bonds sometimes back, and it also rewarded the chairman of Highland Capital with millions.


Highland Capital Makes 30% Gains!


In person, Dondero is nothing like the stereotype of Texan men. On the stark contrary, John is a very private individual who loves to spend his time reflecting and meditating on the problems facing him and his businesses. Highland Capital manages a billion dollar assets and other investments on behalf of their ever-growing clientele base. The hedge-fund investment firm growing popularity arises from the slightly cheaper costs and fees charged to investing clients. Additionally, the customers of Highland must be a delighted lot having witnessed a 30% growth in the last financial year.


Mitigating Risks


Highland firm under James Dondero is unique in quite some ways. For instance, the establishment founded in 1993 has chosen to scale down on placing bets on security funds. The portfolio currently holds a modest 200 securities. The median figure set by the other leading fund managers stands at 400 securities. According to Dondero, that’s all part of the overall strategy to mitigate risks and optimize investor returns. Highland had a fantastic 2014, that’s no secret. It numerously got awarded with top merits and awards for their gains and momentum. Their worst performing sector was the energy docket.


About James Dondero


For the past 30+ years, James Dondero has done nothing else but win, win and win. James currently heads up Highland Capital Group of Companies based in Dallas, Texas. He also serves as the leading executive at NexPoint Credit Strategies and Highland Small-Cap Equity Companies. Dondero is an alumnus of Virginia University where he graduated with Finance and Accounting degrees. John’s tenacity and ambition saw him managing billions by the time he was 27 years.


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