Ricardo Tosto Has A Wide Range of Expertise in Brazilian Law.

Brazil is a nation that has a several universities that are dedicated to law. In fact the country has been featured with the placement of the third nation in the entire world with the largest amount of attorneys. Second is America, with the number one slot being India. This is because Brazil on the whole has more schools devoted to law in their country than the entire world’s law schools.

There are a record 800 thousand attorneys in Brazil that were approved by the Bar Exam. However, one should consider that because there are indeed a large number of educational classes for law in the nation of Brazil, this doesn’t mean those classes are worth taking. Due to the insufficient grades that were earned by such a large number of Law students as they completed the ENADE and also the IDD, which are two of Brazil’s necessary exams for successful Law students, the esteemed Ministry of Education became involved.

Aloizio Mercadante is the respected Minister of Education, and he conducts inspections for every law class being taught at all Brazilian Universities. His goal is to guarantee that the universities meet the standards for law in Brazil. His inspections are due to the great amount of Brazilians that did not receive a passing grade from the Bar Exam. This was because the classes the students passed while at the Universities did not cover required subjects.

There are many thriving lawyers in Brazil. One of the most famous is without a doubt Mr. Ricardo Tosto. Mr. Ricardo Tosto initiated his career into law by laboring for some of the most impressive law firms in Brazil. After he acquired enough experience, Ricardo started his own legal agency. The group expanded to be one of Brazil’s largest legal groups. A few of Ricardo Tosto’s areas of expertise are Consumer Law, Civil Law, Property Law and Copyright Law.

Ricardo Tosto has defended people and businesses alike, including the government. Ricardo Tosto graduated from the esteemed Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, and is credited with creating many of Brazil’s legal precedents.


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