Maggie Gill Accepting the Future of Memorial Health

Memorial Health CEO Maggie Gill is a true inspiration for young aspiring business woman. Her illustrious career has been a fast and successful journey that started in college and grew towards a successful run as the Vice President of Memorial Health where she resided over finance and account management. Her previous foray as Vice President was one that established a precedent within the company.

Career as Vice President

Maggie Gill served as Vice President for a total of 13 years before she could earn her way to the role of CEO at Memorial Health. Maggie served helping with accounting and finances something that would prove to be highly successful in the company. Maggie Gill has claimed her time with the company as a fantastic opportunity in which she has been able to put forth her efforts from the past to create a stability for Memorial Health. Maggie Gill has used her time in the company in order to organize a sense of stability within the company.

The Need to Listen

Gill has since claimed that her priority as CEO is to listen to the people within and without the company. Through listening Memorial Health is to expand its customer approval ratings. Gill has stated that she plans to utilize methods that will focus further on customer service in order to create a better client business relationship and restore Memorial Health’s reputation as one of the top hospitals on the market. While Gill’s plans are lofty, her lengthened tenure as an overall employee have allowed her to have a clearer understanding of Memorial Health’s practices over that of other candidates. This puts Gill in a unique position to make a push and drive for continued success within the company.

The Future is Clear

Maggie Gill represents a clear future in which Memorial Health will again regain its appearance as an incredibly reliable hospital in which patients can enjoy healthcare at no additional cost. Her guidance is sure to bring better results and overall satisfaction from patients and hospital board members. Maggie Gill makes for a refreshing yet reliable addition as CEO at Memorial Health.


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