Goettl Air Conditioning Warns Lack Of Maintenace Linked To Respiratory Illness

Did you know lack of air conditioning maintenance proliferates bacteria in the home, intensifying respiratory illnesses? Goettl air conditioning founder, Ken Goodrich says regular ac maintenance does a lot more than keep you comfortable.

The lack of maintenance of these equipment causes bacteria to disperse in the air that then enters the lungs causing diseases such as pneumonia, asthma, among others. A study, performed by the National Institute of Health confirms that the bacteria that causes various respiratory diseases are the most common in air conditioners. Bacteria are not the only problem. There are multiple fungi that can grow in air conditioners and cause very serious health problems, such as pharyngitis, headaches, and migraines, which can be confused with other types of illnesses. “Add a carpet to this problem and you have a magic recipe for dozens of possible diseases and infections,” says one Goettl air conditioning technician.

The most dangerous air pollutants, by air conditioning system, are the bacterium legionella phneumophila, responsible for pneumonia and fungi aspergillus niger and aspergillus fumigatus, which cause rhinitis and asthma. With proper maintenance, such as changing filters every two months complimented by good hygiene of the unit, homeowners can avoid contracting these health conditions. “If more of the population knew how important proper maintenance was and the health risks involved, more people would schedule ac maintenance,” says a Goettl ac technician. There’s no need for panic, yet a simple ac checkup could probably decrease health care costs, especially for those with respiratory illnesses.

Is It Time To Upgrade

It may be time to upgrade your ac unit and if so, what type of air conditioning unit should you buy? That depends on the space where the unit is going, and the number of occupants in the home. In addition to climatizing a home, look for a unit that offers other added values like energy savings, options to purify the air, and warranties. The latest technology offers a range of options like inverter technology that cools rooms faster, or units that focus on emitting less CO2 in the environment and those that use recycled materials. There are many variables when upgrading a unit and a Goettl technician can help narrow down the choices.

Goettl air conditioning offers residential and commercial services, and provides maintenance, installations, and central air unit replacements. Homeowners can keep up to date with repair and replacement tips on Goettl’s Facebook page and visit their blog for HVAC information.

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