Clay Siegall the President of Seattle Genetics Company

Clay B Siegal is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the President and the Chairman of the Board of the Seattle Genetics company. Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998, and Clay Siegall was among the founders. He was a trained scientist, and his company was created based on scientific innovations and the desire to assist patients. Clay has been a great leader, and he has been able to manage the organization all through and currently it develops an antibody-drug conjugate (ADCs) that treats cancer.

Clay Siegall has been able to push Seattle Genetics into some strategic licenses particularly for technology such as Roche, Pfizer, AbbVie, and GlaxoSmithKline. He decided to separate the money-raising activities which secure millions of dollars via public and private financing, for example, the Initial Public Offer (IPO) that was conducted in 2001. In January 2014, Dr. Siegall who is also a Ph.D. holder joined Ultragenyx as the member of the board. Before he co-founded Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall was working for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute between1991 and 1997. He also worked for the National Cancer Institute and National Institute of Health between 1988 and 1991. Mr. Clay Siegall is a member of the board of directors of two private biotechnology companies; Mirna Therapeutics and BioPharmaceuticals. Siegall is a B.S in Zoology graduate from the University of Maryland. Later on, Siegall joined George Washington University for Ph.D. in Genetics.

Mirna Therapeutics appointed Clay Siegall as an outside board of directors on January 30, 2013. Mirna was in need of his long-term experiences in the pharmaceutical industry, which will help Mirna in their journey to modify the development of microRNA-based therapeutics. Dr. Siegall views MicroRNA-based therapeutics as an important field of conducting cancer research. He also said that Mirna contains employees who are productive. Siegall also stated that he is very pleased to be appointed as an outside board of directors and he is ready to cooperate with other members to modify its important systems for patients. Besides the mentioned achievements, Dr. Siegall is also an author who holds 15 patents, and he has completed many publications.

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