Jason Hope’s Impact on the Tech World

Jason Hope has been a big advocate of the Internet of Things. This concept is the idea of using multiple technology devices together. Hope has been passionate about the subject and has even written about the subject extensively at Tech.co. Hope is so confident in the Internet of Things that he believes it will be the biggest advancement in technology in years.

The Internet of Things is already in place in many ways. Devices that already use this concept would include kitchen appliances and numerous cars. Connecting devices in such a way allows them to share the same network and thus run much more efficiently. Perhaps even better as this process decreases waste. Many companies have already begun using the Internet of Things. Jason Hope is convinced that those companies not on board yet will eventually feel the pressure to make the change. He feels the Internet of Things should make a major change to the way businesses operate.

At this point technology and the Internet of Things is simply a convenience. Hope believes in the future IT will be come a way of life. The Internet of Things has the power to make our lives much safer. This evident in some ways already. The public transportation system has seen great improvement as a result of the Internet of Things. Road conditions have improved and there is the potential for fewer accidents with this system.

An entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, Jason Hope has been impacting the world for quite some time. This Arizona native is a graduate of Arizona State University, and holds an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Hope has become one of the go to voices for knowledge about technology and its future. He has also become very well known for his philanthropic efforts. One of his big passions has become the research done at the SENS foundation, a group that focuses on preventative measures for disease. Jason Hope has made a huge impact on the world and has provided great insight through his work. It appears he is ready to continue his impact for many years to come.

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Wessex Journals and the Changes in Our Enviornment

For decades, the Wessex Journals have been instrumental in teaching students at the Wessex Institute of Technology. Although the journals are equally impressive, they all serve a different purpose. In particular is International Journal of Environmental Impacts. What makes this journal so special is its ability to convey the social ills currently affecting our society. Due to an increased human population, our environment has to bear the burden.

As we contribute environmental problems, the Earth is undergoing rapid change. In addition to global warming, smog is becoming more pervasive than ever. As a result, people around the world are developing more respiratory problems. Water pollution is another main area to be concerned about. It has made the already scarce source of freshwater even more scarce. Unfortunately, wildlife is being victimized due to the irresponsible behaviors of humankind. In addition, plants are feeling the effects of environmental pollution more than ever.

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Eric Pulier | A Top Rated Technology Expert

Eric Pulier is a great technologist, author, entrepreneur and innovator. If you are a young entrepreneur, with a brilliant idea in the technology industry, you probably have come across his name. He has helped so many startups grow to big financings.





Eric Pulier is not only a hard working fellow. Rather, he has a great education background to support his career. He is a Magna Claude graduate of the Harvard University where he majored in English & American Literature. During his time in Harvard, he participated in writing a weekly column for the Harvard Crimson. He was also an editor for this magazine. Subsequently, he would attend the nearing MIT where he was to advance his computer knowledge.





At a very tender age, Pulier already knew where his passion lay. By the time he was in fourth grade, he was already programming computers. He went ahead to start out his very first computer database company when he was in high school.



In the year 199, Pulier was to start his very first successful company, People Doing Things. The company aimed at developing innovative solutions for various sectors of the economy including health care and education. Three years later, he has already founded Digital Evolution, another of his many companies that was destined for success. Since then, Pulier has founded and cofounded over a dozen companies. Some he has sold while others are still in his possession.





In the past, Pulier has participated in government projects for a better America. He built The Bridge to the 21st Century, for Bill Clinton and Al Gore. He is also known to have organized live feed from Space Shuttle. The live feed enabled him to interact with the astronauts who were on the shuttle.





Pulier finds joy and peace in sharing his wealth with the less fortunate in the society. Through the use of technology, he has managed to develop means for children with chronic illnesses to interact. Other than that he contributes to the Painted Turtle, also, a camp for children suffering from chronic illnesses.