Tammy Mazzocco and Her Real Estate Journey

Tammy Mazzocco has a story to tell, and she continues to tell it every day. Her real estate career began with her as a secretary working for a commercial real estate company in Central Ohio. She continued to serve in supportive roles until 1999 when she decided to get into the sales side of real estate.

She joined forces with her good friend and mentor Judy Gang with RE/MAX in Pickerington, Ohio, where today she works in the town and the surrounding four counties. Tammy says that she gets the most satisfaction in helping families select the home of their dreams.

Tammy works hard at her chosen profession, and she begins each day as early as possible to get the busy work out of the way so she can spend more time out showing homes to more prospective buyers. She takes great care in selecting the best prospects for this duty because that is where the decisions are made regarding home buying decisions. Click Here for more details .

Tammy makes it a point to treat her potential home buyers just like she would want to be treated. She gives great respect to the time and investment that people have to make when they are purchasing homes. This is one of the largest, if not the largest, investment that most people every make and she wants them to know how much she is trying to help them.

Tammy is a planner, and she likes to make goals, and then break them down into smaller action steps. They are easier to accomplish this way. Many people make lots of big goals, but they never get started because they look just too big, and the get discouraged, she says. If they are smaller in sections, the whole project is much easier to get finished. Tammy at Twitter .

Tammy learned early on in her real estate career not to take herself too seriously, but to just move through the process and keep working and good things are bound to happen.

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