End Citizens United Chairs Reforms through Finance Campaign

End Citizens United was established in 2015. The primary objective of the organization is to fight wealthy, corrupt politicians who put all their money in winning elections unfairly. To End Citizens United, one person is a corporation. The American political landscape has never been the same since the establishment of this organization. This is because the members of the organization are focused on combating the moneyed politicians who dismantle their political systems. To End Citizens United, it is vital to elect leaders who can reform the political system.


In a bid to eliminate corruption in the upcoming elections, the End Citizens United managed to collect a donation of over $4 million. This happened between January and March 2017. The committee of the organization is committed to raising over $ 35 million come mid-2018. The amount would be approximately a total of what the organization spent in the 2016 general elections. The 2016 elections was their first election in operation. According to Muller Tiffany of End Citizens United, more than 100,000 members of the organization have contributed towards the upcoming elections dated 2018. Out of the number, 40,000 are first-time contributors. The team is dedicated to making sure that all nominees for the available congress positions are reformers of finance campaign.


Since the establishment of the organization, members have felt that only the wealthy have a significant effect on politics in the United States of America. Therefore, the team is willing to hit back through the upcoming congress elections. These elections are to be held in 2018. Being great supporters of the Democrats, End Citizens United has been feeling that President Trump and his government have been undermining their efforts in making America a better place for citizens.


Donors for End Citizens United can donate up to approximately $ 5,000. Although there is a limit set to the donations, the organization has been able to collect a relatively significant amount. The contribution had a significant positive impact in the 2016 general elections. End Citizens United is also an active participant of other events apart from supporting Democrats. When Betsy DeVos was being nominated for the position of education secretary, the PAC urged two Republicans not to vote in her favor. Following this, there was a tie in voting. The vice president broke the tie, leaving Betsy the secretary for education.

Company Profile

End Citizens United was established after a ruling by the Supreme Court in 2010. It derives its name from the decision by the court to foster citizen’s unity through allowing grassroots donations in elections. This decision transformed the political landscape of America by bringing in big money donations before elections. The End Citizens United commits to making America a peaceful place. It does this by ensuring that the right people are elected. These people must chair reforms through financing campaign.