Betting on the Super Bowl or Big Money

The NFL has already overtaken baseball as America’s favorite sport, and we understand why. Football is fast, fun, exciting and violent. More important than all of those adjectives is the fact that betting on football is HUGE. The Super Bowl rolls around every year and with it some of the most profitable betting opportunities in the sports world. Today we are going to talk about how you can use football odds, as found on, in order to place a big Super Bowl bet.

Alright, so let’s start things off by talking about the mechanics of betting by using NFL odds. What are NFL odds? Well, every time that one team plays another various analysts will evaluate the match up. The outgoing statistics of this analysis ends up becoming our odds. If you head to and go to the NFL betting page then you will see various football match ups, including the Super Bowl when the time is right. Underneath each match up you will see information related to the Spread as well as what team is favored. This information will be important as you evaluate your Super Bowl odds before placing a bet.

What makes betting on the Super Bowl so much more different than betting on a regular season game? Well, for starters you are going to have to almost ignore what you know going into the game. Any given Sunday during the regular season teams might not be playing their hardest. The Super Bowl, however, is the highest match up in all of sports. Football odds and football oddsmakers have a tough time evaluating the game at times. Just look at the Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks match up from a few years ago. While analysts are definitely what you want to pay attention to, you have to be aware that they can be flawed.

Betting on the Super Bowl is your chance to lay down some pretty adventurous odds. You can use the spread and the basic odds information in order to establish your base bet but we also have to suggest looking into parlays. A parlay is a bet that basically attaches itself to another bet in order for it to be a success. These parlays make betting on the Super Bowl more exciting as well as more profitable. Imagine betting on the Seattle Seahawks winning by 21 while ALSO betting on a kickoff return for a touchdown. That sort of specificity can earn you some serious cash.