Omar Boraie Is Giving To Rutgers For Medical Research

The medical research completed in New Brunswick at Rutgers is a large part of what makes their school, and they wish to make their city into a medical research paradise. This article explains how Omar Boraie has given to the school to help them expand their research, and there is a Newswise article on the same topic. Anyone who is interested in the medical research field must look to what Omar Boraie has done to make Rutgers a better place to come.

#1: The Genomics Division Is Growing

The genomics division at Rutgers now may pay for a chairman who will have the financial backing of Omar Boraie and his family. The $1.5 million gift to the university will help bring in someone who is prepared to lead the genomics division in a new direction, and they will have more research coming out of their labs every year with a proper leader. The leaders who are applying to come to Rutgers will be among the best in the world, and they will bring expertise to the university that is always welcome.

#2: What Does Omar Do In New Jersey?

New Jersey is growing every year because it helps the people moving into the state with jobs and residences. According to NJ biz, there are many development options that ensure a community is working in harmony, and they will all sit together once Boraie Development has done their work. They build everything from new apartments to large shopping complexes. They are willing to find a place where everyone will feel safe, and they build it into something new. They are willing to do all the development work, and Omar has taken over properties around the state that needed extra attention.

The career of Sam Boraie has been dedicated to his home state, and he has done much of his work in the New Brunswick area around Rutgers. He is giving to the genomics department at the university because he knows what it means to them to expand. They will see more research coming from the school, and his financial support carries weight in the academic community. To read more about Boraie Development, go to