Does Martin Lustgarten Think BRICS Will Lend More Money to Europe?

The amount of capital available in the world, has never been higher. There are numerous funding mechanisms, including the World Bank, IMF, AIIB and BRICS Banks. What are the chances that the BRICS Bank would fund the European Union?

“Ample Funds”

China and India have the highest growth rates in the world, which provides them with ample funds to invest. The BRICS Bank wants to invest in the most productive nations in the world. Europe still dominates the world in terms of certain products, like automobiles, chemicals and certain agricultural products. Europe also has plenty of innovative intellectual property.

The Internet may be one of the areas where the BRICS could expand their investment. Brazil, Russia and South Africa still don’t have the same coverage as the European Union for the World Wide Web. The BRICS Bank might want to invest in some IT firms, which can improve Internet service in their nations.

“Middle Class Growth”

Most of the BRICS nations are still building up their middle class, so this is another field where connections with the European Union could be beneficial. The European Union has a well-developed middle class and consumer market. The BRICS could benefit by sharing different consumer goods.

“Good Timing”

Of course, there are banks from different nations lending overseas, as we speak. The only change is that there would be more BRICS investment in the European Union.

The growth of the BRICS could be just at the most opportune time. Investment banker Martin Lustgarten can help you decide which investments might be the best as the world continues to develop. There has never been a time when there is more capital available, now is your opportunity to profit.

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