Clients of White Shark Media Can Track Their Campaigns


Looking for a digital marketing agency? Look no further than White Shark Media. Here is what customers have to say about them. A car service company in Connecticut praised their team, saying that they were very friendly and professional. An alarm company said, “Keep up the good work!”. A tech support customer from London said that their experience with White Shark Media has been excellent. A fitness supplements company from Missouri said that White Shark Media has proven its worth month after month.


Some complaints include the following, and here is how White Shark Media fixed the issues. Customers didn’t like that their Adwords campaigns were on White Shark Media accounts. So since 2012, White Shark Media creates new Adwords accounts so that customers can start from scratch. However, if a customer has an existing Adwords accounts that already is performing well, they are given the option of keeping their previous Adwords account as well, so that they lose nothing out.


Another complaint was that most customers that they were attracting came through the phone. So White Shark Media partnered with Marchex. Now they offer phone tracking, so that business owners can track which customers came through the phone, through an ad on their mobile device, for example.


Another concern clients had was that they didn’t know how to track performance. So White Shark Media started installing free conversion tracking, as well as call tracking. They also sometimes will install Google Analytics free of charge, so that you are always on top of your campaigns.