How Much Can You Make Being A Wine Guide?

Wine guides who are making big money are those who put in the work and the time to see their business flourish. This business is a thriving industry, and if you’re new, you have a huge amount of money to earn if you put in the work. The Traveling Vineyard brand is welcoming you to promote and market their products, and you can earn about 35 percent of all the sales you make. They payout several times a month, making it easy to earn money with this company. Being in direct sales improves confidence, instills courage, and helps you improve your people skills.

You can earn as much as you want with this business type. Having several wine tasting events a week can make you about $1000 if you have a successful week and you’re able to have each event turn out to be a success. On average, several guides will earn about $100 from a single event, so the goal is to have several events to help increase potential earnings.

You really need to build a team as well. Along the way in your events, if you meet someone who is as driven as you who wants to make an additional income, definitely lead them into joining the program as a wine guide. Anything that they sell you will earn a bit from them as well. It’s a great business that can make you business down the road. Eventually, you’ll have others earning you money. The potential in this is truly unlimited.