John Goullet Of Diversant, LLC. Does An Interview With Ideamensch

John Goullet is an executive in the IT staffing industry. He worked as a computer consultant before he founded his own IT staffing company called Info Technologies in 1994. Info Technologies aimed to understand the current corporate climate and the information technology staffing needs while working to develop and find qualified candidates to meet those needs. John Goullet managed to grow Info Technologies rapidly and it was named one of the nation’s fastest growing companies by Inc. Magazine. Today Info Technologies is part of another staffing firm called Diversant, LLC. Mr. Goullet serves as a principal or executive at Diversant LLC. right now.

Ideamensch asked John Goullet where he got the inspiration or idea to create his own IT staffing company. Mr. Goullet responded by saying that he had the idea a long time ago. It was only when he realized that staffing was a low barrier entry business to enter in did he finally take a leap of faith and tried opening his own business. Seeing other people succeed in staffing also helped him realize that he too could be successful and nudged him along a path to entrepreneurship.

Next, Ideamensch asked John Goullet how a typical day unfolds for him at work. Mr. Goullet’s response was that he often begins his work day by working out at the gym. After working out he makes it to his office by 8:00 AM. Then he goes to work and leaves by 6 PM unless there are dinner appointments with clients.

Ideamensch then asked how does John Goullet brings ideas to life in his business. His response was that in his industry it is important to look at labor market trends. He also says that it is important to look at the latest technology that companies are utilizing. By studying both labor market trends and technology, his staffing company can build a business plan to recruit more people for the openings that their clients need to be filled.

John Goullet was asked about a trend that he thinks is exciting. His response was that technology is fast becoming a greater and greater part of our gross domestic product. This means that his staffing company and others will have more opportunities but also more demands placed on them. for more.