Josh Verne: How to Succeed in Business and Life in Your Way

Josh Verne is an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of professional experience in founding, managing and selling enterprises. He is the current CEO of In 2011, Mr. Josh Verne founded Workpays, LLC. He then served as its CEO. Mr. Verne has owned successful businesses that rack up to $200 million in profits annually. He entered the family’s business when he graduated from university. Because of his strategic plans, he moved up the successful ladder at Workpays, LLC.


Key Points

  1. Everything must be a Win-Win

Decline to deals that result in two possible outcomes. A win-win situation is the best for anyone looking to attain success. A win foe your clients, a win for you, a win for your employers will result in a win for the society. There is always a better way to create a winning solution for everyone. However much the situation may look bleak, there must be a solution. You will be forced to find a better solution for any problem when you stop settling on complete solutions. These actions sky-rocket your team, business, and reputation in public. Profitability is your outcome.


  1. Be a Leader not a Boss

In management positions, we have two individuals. There are bosses and leaders in management setup. The bosses use their title to demand respect and accomplish their course. On the other hand, leaders put their people ahead of them to earn respect, for this reason, they are meant to achieve more because the decisions come from the team. They agree upon a course and work towards making it. You must acquire leadership traits to succeed in the modern corporate world as a leader. Never demand respect through forcing your will on other people. If you serve the people that follow you and put them first, your team can accomplish any goal at their disposal.


  1. Support a Balanced Life

The essence of life is that you must have a balanced course. You can own all the wealth in the universe. However, you will suffer if you and your family are not happy. Put your home in order. For this reason, you can have a shredded body and a loving family beside you. However, you will lead a suffering family if you do not make enough money. A balanced life is never about spending all they money you earn. According to Josh, It is about making progress.