EOS Coconut Milk For Coconut Lovers

By now everyone is aware of the softening effects of coconut. EOS Coconut Milk contains everything we love about topical coconut products. Coconut oil, coconut milk, all of those nourishing and softening coconut properties including vitamin E that help to hydrate our skin. Coconut lovers also love the light and coco nutty but sweet and creamy flavor of this balm.

In addition to the coconut that is rich in vitamins and hydration for the skin and lips, this EOS lip balm also contains Shea butter, a rich and emollient extract of the shea nut that contains essential fatty acids that keep skin in peak condition. Jojoba oil, a luxurious skin oil is also included in the formula. This trifecta of delicious ingredients performs absolute miracles on the lips, and all for around $3 for a single sphere of the balm.

Coconut milk EOS lip balm can be found in the stores that everyone frequents like Walgreens, Walmart, Target, or Well(https://well.ca/brand/eos-evolution-of-smooth.html), but for an even easier way to get this coconut milk sphere without leaving the couch, bed, desk or office, simply navigate to Amazon.com or evolutionofsmooth.ca to find this balm at the tips of your fingers.

Once in your hands the balm is incredibly easy to apply. Actually cupping the spherical shape in the palm of the hands and twisting off the top with the other palm is a satisfying way to open up a balm. The spherical shape of the balm itself makes application easy as it conforms to the shape of the mouth. After applying this delicious emollient nectar it is easy to simply twist the cap closed again and throw it in a purse. The orbs are so pretty it is easy to leave them out on a desk, nightstand, make up counter or bathroom counter just to look at them standing pretty.