Compassionate MUMC CEO–Maggie Gill is at It Again–Providing the Healthcare Consumer with the Greatest in Savings while Still Attaining the Utmost in Quality Healthcare Services:

Look over at MUMC’s CEO, Maggie Gill, and one thought comes to mind: “Cost-Savings.” The second thought is: “Superior Service.” Ms. Gill has learned to achieve, in her leadership role at the Memorial University Medical Center, located in beautiful Savannah, Georgia, something that many leaders have yet to achieve: “A savings in costs without sacrificing quality levels of service.” She continually strives to maintain the objective. And, as is apparent, during the progressive career and leadership pattern, of Ms. Gill, she has acquired the objective.


So how does she do it? Ms. Gill states that she is a very strong believer of preventative approaches with regard to achieving quality health, within the community. She aims to achieve this component, in her coupling with organizations such as Eon Health. The health insurer also believes in this customer-centric belief. Sure: everyone is going to need health services from time-to-time; however, what is preventable, both Maggie Gill and the health care provider believe is absolutely essential, in achieving the best in healthcare services. In other words, a healthy community is a happier community.


Maggie Gill, too, is a firm believer in not skimping on quality of service as a means of cost-reduction. She has made it her aim to trim costs where there is true excess. She applies or allocates funds where the need is most essential. It is this type of intelligent thinking that time-and-time again provides notice and awards for the personable and compassionate CEO and her team at MUMC. Maggie Gill and her quality team of healthcare professionals have been recognized by many outstanding and prestigious healthcare organizations and societies with respect to their dedicated service levels.


Savannah, Georgia, in way of its health populace, is experiencing healthier lifestyles, by way of the Memorial University Medical Center, under the leadership and directive of the illustrious Maggie Gill. She well meets the expectations of MUMC’s internal staff and the outside public–in general.