Wen By Chaz Finds a Fan at Bustle

It is safe to say that as beauty blogger my time is equally spent between writing a new piece and reading what other bloggers are writing about across the beauty blogosphere. Often it is how bloggers keep a finger to the pulse of what is happening within in the industry. For that reason, it really came as no surprise that a new cleansing conditioner that has been making titles of almost every single blog I visit. WEN by Chaz has been popping up in my Facebook news feed for the last weeks but this last piece finally increased my curiosity as the cleansing conditioner hit a mainstream blog.

Bustle’s Emily McClure has often written about pieces that have changed my entire life from tips for hair, makeup habits, and now the secret to finally banishing the frizzy mess that is my hair most days.

Bustle’s beauty writer said goodbye to using shampoo daily and instead opted for Chaz Dean’s co-washing cleansing to try and experience its benefits for her. Surprisingly enough only within one day of using WEN by Chaz, Emily was able to notice a difference in not only the way her hair felt and looked but in how easily she was able to style it.

The beauty blogger her experience with the cleansing conditioner in full detail, even taking daily photos to show the progress her hair underwent during her short trial with Chaz Dean’s conditioner.

After only one day, I was interested in the product that changed the hair of one my favorite beauty bloggers in the industry. After a quick search of “Wen.com” on Google, I soon found out that the product Emily was touting was one of the best selling items available from Chaz Dean, http://chazdean.com/, who as it turns out is a celebrity stylist!

To read Emily’s entire piece visit Bustle.com.