Brazil’s Real Estate Boosters Understand The Need For Global Partners

“It just won’t sell itself”. Whether it’s music or housing, without the sales push of an experienced industry behind it most markets would be dormant. This is especially true of the real estate industry. Although trends, tricks, and techniques may vary from market to market internationally, there are some tenets that apply to this industry as a whole. These include:

  • being able to identify clients
  • being able to understand those clients’ needs
  • being able to successfully cater to the needs both local and non-local clients

Brazilian real estate firms in the country’s urban areas certainly kept those goals in mind during the nation’s boom period of a few years ago. But the combination of government and petroleum industry scandals more recently threatened to turn these real estate gains into expensive nightmares and empty state of the art buildings. Fortunately, savvy Brazilian realtors have been able to salvage the situation to some extent by entering into partnerships with American developers, the recent Patria-Blackstone team-up being one example.

And leading the way in international development partnerships is one of Brazil’s leading real estate developers, Construcap. The company entered into such an arrangement with the NYC/Miami based company Fluor in 2012, and under this partnership formed Engenharia e Projetos S.A. to pursue engineering, mining, and real estate acquisition and development in Brazil. Engenharia combines Fluor’s global resources with Construcap’s local connections and project experience. Joining forces with Fluor also allowed this company to weather Brazil’s recent economic and real estate storms successfully, protecting both themselves and their investors.

And forming lasting and successful partnerships is not the only thing Construcap excels at. Over its seventy year career, this company has built everything from shopping malls to hospitals and schools to airports and railways. It has also branched out into logging and mining, handling such assignments with both integrity and skill. This indicates that Construcap excels not only at real estate boosting, but is positioned to be an international partner that can help Brazil shake off its current woes and move on to new heights.