Arthur Becker – Whiz

Arthur Becker got his Bachelor of Administration Degree from Bennington College in 1972. For the next two years, he joined The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. In 2002, Becker went to work for Navisite. For eight years, he served as a board member and CEO. This made a big influence in his tech career. Also, he was senior adviser for his wife’s company for 7 years, Vera Wang Fashion Company.

Arthur Becker doesn’t hold a job like most people, he is the Managing Director, Chairman, and CEO of three major companies; he has been Managing Director at Madison Technology since 2001, Managing Director at Atlantis Investing, which deals in real estate, since 2002. Lastly, he is Chairman and CEO of The Zinio Company, a digital marketing company.

There’s no doubt that Arthur Becker is a tech guru with all the technology based projects that he has completed. This is where most of his fortune was made. His publicity is mainly due to his real estate investments. He is known as one of the best investors in New York.

Becker is holding three townhouses, 6500 square feet each, on Sullivan Street in New York at the moment because of their prestige and location. They’re located in the Soho District, which is one of the most desired locations in Manhattan. These will be his first key rentals. He was able to get these properties as part of shares exchange. See also.

Besides real estate, Becker is excited about the field of bio technology. He is very intrigued by a number of things in bio technology, particularly treatments for cancer. Even without medical training, he’s worked closely enough to be interested in different approaches. After he sold Navisite in 2011, he became interested in the potential of bio-technology to make a positive difference in peoples everyday lives. Working to help people, whether it’s in technology or real estate, is what makes Becker most happy and successful.