Kate Hudson’s Fashionable Fabletics

In 2003 Kate Hudson started Fabletics as a subsidiary under the e-commerce site JustFab. The company’s business model is based on the belief that women want to get fashionable active wear but for reasonable prices. Starting out as as an online only retailer, the company has now expanded to having 18 brick & mortar locations in the United States. There are plans for 2017 in the works to double the number of B&M stores that Fabletics operates.

When a customer first accesses the website they are prompted to complete a quiz. This quiz is designed to discover what fashions and products the customer is interested in so that Fabletics can give them better, more personalized recommendations. Fabletics also offers a VIP Membership plan. If a customers opts into this $49.95 a month plan they receive several perks. The perks include such things as 50% off the customers favorite brands, or even saving 50% off each order. A customer can log in between the 1st and the 5th of the month to make a selection or “skip this month” in which case there is no monthly fee charged.

The company recently expanded by launching a free online daily workout routine. Each month a new top fitness instructor will guide participants through their specialized routines. These classes are free for VIP members, however the customer does need to log in to the Fabletics website at least once each month in order to receive this perk. This new initiative will also include discounts to what they call “fit-cations” (fitness vacations), juice brands, and massages.

Fabletics has gotten some very positive reviews. Once of these was from the blogger “The Crazy Coupon Lady“. The blog states how much she enjoys that there are new outfits to consider every month, and how they are personalized to her style and workout preferences. She also really likes how she gets new handpicked outfits delivered to her on the first of every month.

Fabletics has also been reviewed by Teri Hutcheon, the blogger who runs the website “A Foodie Stays Fit“. After having been a customer for awhile she wrote her review and had positive things to say. She found the workout clothing to be a great deal and of good quality. She also stated that she was very impressed by the styles offered.

Fabletics And The Importance Of Strategy And Positioning

The fashion industry is a very competitive industry. For one thing, this is where the person walks the thin line of creativity and practicality. While there is the temptation to create and try to sell something that is off the wall, there is the consideration of what customers want. After all, it is important that customers get what they want so that they will be more willing to buy from the company. At the same time, it is important to provide something unique in order to have an easier time to attract the customers. Fabletics is one of the companies that has managed both.

One of the ways that they are being successful is by using the positioning and other forms of strategy in order to make sure that they are able to enjoy success. One of the things they are doing to maximize their success is capitalizing on the popularity and the recognition they are receiving. For one thing, Fabletics are using the fame they have reached to attract people to their physical locations. For one thing, not everyone wants to shop for clothes online. There are people who see shopping as an experience that is meant to be had in person.

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Among the advantages people get when they are shopping in stores and at malls is that they get to see what types of clothes could fit them. Fabletics provides many different styles and fits. This allows people to figure out what they are going to need so that they will be able to enjoy a greater sense of style in fashion. Kate Hudson, CEOs of Fabletics is looking to use both the online and the physical aspects of their business in order to make sure that they are getting the experience they need when it comes to shopping.

Among the comparisons the owners make of themselves with Fabletics is to Apple. Apple is one of the companies that have been made successful with the use of expert marketing and positioning. They also make sure that they are providing some of the best products on the market. Fabletics does some of the same stuff. They come up with some great strategies in order to attract customers. Among the strategies Fabletics use is reverse showroom strategies. With this strategy, they take the time to build relationships with customers who would shop at one store and try to buy any item they find cheaper at another store. This is also prevented by providing items that could not be found anywhere else.

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