How Sujit Choudhry betters International Interactions

Comparative law is one of the legal fields that have attracted much attention in the recent years. It is focused on analyzing how various legal systems and constitutions across the globe function. The primary aim of studying the sector is to determine differences and similarities in the law structures of various countries. Scholars of comparative law also strive to identify how different types of laws can be merged for them to work in a synchronized manner. Examples of the laws that are studied in the field include common law, Canon law, Jewish law, civil law, Hindu law, socialist law, and Chinese law. Comparative law also has general areas that it focused on, and they include business institutions, criminal activity, constitution, and administration. Conducting research in the field is critical since the current world is very dynamic and it involves a lot of international interactions and communication.

The introduction of comparative law in higher learning institutions has led to internationalism, democratization, and economic globalization. The experts of the field have been working to ensure that the constitutions of various nations function in a similar way so as to simplify interactions. Extensive focus on comparative law will make it easy for different companies to be involved in international trade since they can run their activities without facing legal glitches. The unifying of the legal system will make it easy for any individual to operate in any foreign nation.

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Sujit Choudhry is a professor who is well recognized due to his excellent knowledge of comparative law. He has a law degree from the University of Toronto’s law school and also enrolled at the Harvard Law School for his masters in the field. Before pursuing law, Choudhry had attended the University of Oxford where he was awarded his BA. More to read on  His career has been full of accomplishments. He was once designated as a ‘Rhodes Scholar’ by the prestigious University of Oxford. Sujit’s expertise in law has enabled him to be hired as the Michael Heyman Professor of Law by the University of California. He was among the main participants in the establishment of the Center for Constitutional Transition and currently serves it as a faculty director.  Related reading on

Sujit Choudhry has conducted a lot of research in comparative law. He has published journals and books that are used for academic reference. The main areas that Sujit has focused on in his studies are Africa, Southern Asia, and the Middle East. He is focused on bettering diplomacy across the globe.  To read more about Sujit, visit his  website at

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Sujit Choudhry Is In Search Of Better Constitutional Remedies

Sujit Choudhry, an acclaimed constitutional expert, and scholar in comparative law is in search of better constitutional remedies considering the existing ones are not entirely addressing the needs of modern times. Having spoken in more than two dozen countries and worked with a number of constitutions, Sujit understands issues of various demographics and communities better. Since he has decades of experience in constitution development and finding solutions through constitutional remedies, he thinks it is time to research more into various aspects of issues in the democracy to offer more customized options.

Sujit points out the fact that as many as 185 new constitutions are drafted since 1978 around the world. At least half a dozen are rewritten and another half dozen amended at any given time. This means that new challenges are being added every day and an in-depth research is always required to provide comprehensive solutions. Sujit focuses on real-life examples to understand key issues related to each situation and works closely with policy partners when the existing information is incomplete or outdated. While developing constitutional solutions, he frequently interacts with policy partners in every stage and searches for all the possible and similar examples around the world by collaborating with the experts from various countries.

Sujit is an I. Michael Heyman Professor at Berkeley – School of Law. He is also worked as Professor of Law at the New York University and the University of Toronto, check this on  Choudhry is also known for bringing constitutional solutions on a broad range of issues from dictatorship to ethnic conflicts. He was part of the constitution building process of a number of countries such as Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Nepal, Tunisia, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, and South Africa.  For an interesting article, try clicking this.

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Before starting the career,  according to, Sujit completed his Bachelor’s in Law from the University of Oxford. He completed his LL.B. from the University of Toronto and completed Masters in Law from Harvard Law School. Choudhry has published as many as 90 articles, working papers, book chapters and other reports. He also published a number of books related to various constitutions and their impacts on the society. Sujit is an Executive Committee Member of Editorial Board of the Constitutional Court Review, Editorial Advisory Board of Cambridge, International Society of Public Law, and other constitution and law bodies.  Learn more of his works, visit his page.

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