Greg Secker is an English entrepreneur who was born in February 1975. Greg is widely known across the world for his success in many areas of life. Among the areas, he has achieved great things trading, international speaking, and foreign exchange among many sectors.

Secker is also an author who has written some books which are helpful to those willing to change their lives through entrepreneurship. Among the books, he has written Trading your way to success and Financial Freedom through Forex.

He has also written another book containing different tips to those who want to know different ways of achieving success. For those who have ever wanted to achieve success, they have found Secker’s writings useful in their lives. They have used that knowledge to succeed through trading and doing business. Secker is also a founder of some companies.

He has founded Capital Index, SmartCharts Software, FX and Learn to Trade. He has also founded a non-profit organization called Secker Foundation which aims at empowering the youth through education. The group also aims at helping those who want to achieve success in entrepreneurship.

Greg Secker has achieved great success because of the experience he has in working with different people. In the 1990s, Secker worked at Thomas Cook Financial Services as a trading technologist. Through collaboration with such platforms, Secker developed foreign exchange systems and gained a lot of experience in the trade.

It is by such great work that Secker was recognized and received Telecom Award. The award recognizes those are innovative like Greg Secker. He won the award in 1998 after successfully creating a Virtual Trading Desk which is a Forex Trading Platform online.

Secker can be said to be great because he was only 25 years when he became the Vice President at Melon Financial Corporation. He interacted with commercial traders and learned many things that would later help him in achieving success in Forex trading and entrepreneurship.

After retiring from the company in 2003, Secker ventured into full-time Forex trading and set up a trading platform in the living room. He is fond of helping others to learn and through the platform, he decided to help others, and that is where the Knowledge to Action Group began. The company has since achieved great success by engaging in international seminars in countries such as New Zealand, Ghana, and Australia among others.