George Soros Sounds Off On Donald Trump

Battle Of The Billionaires
2016 was the year that billionaires George Soros and Donald Trump went toe to toe. Donald Trump’s bid for the White House wasn’t taken seriously at first, but he was clearly able to achieve victory. His views on globalization and free trade, issues that George Soros strongly favors, have led to harsh criticisms. Now, George Soros believes he needs to speak out against Trump more than ever and to find a way to reclaim power for progressives.

The Stunning Victory Of Trump
Nobody saw the upsetting victory of Donald Trump. It simply wasn’t assumed that he would find a pathway to victory given the fact that most polls put Hillary Clinton ahead on NYTimes. However, on election night he managed to walk away with a shockingly large electoral victory. Since that election Soros has spent much of his time trying to help Democrats think of a plan for the road ahead. he intends to do just about everything he can to fight against the agenda that Trump has laid out and encourages Democrats to fight at all stages.

Where Trump Will Take Us
George Soros believes that the ultimate result of Donald Trump’s actions will lead to a weaker America and signal the end of America’s position as a world power. He points to some of Trump’s earliest decisions such as his move to remove the U.S from the Paris climate deal and the end of TPP. This will leave a vacuum that will eventually find a replacement. Other countries, particularly China, are eyeing world power and George Soros sees this as the perfect opportunity for those countries to take over. Things are changing this might not end well for America.

A Departure From Normalcy
Many believe that the current state of affairs in politics is something we have always seen, but George Soros is quick to claim that this is not the normal state of politics on Forbes. He believes we are headed down a dangerous path and may even face tyranny or dictatorship if resistance isn’t strong enough. Donald Trump has said he is determined to deliver on his campaign promises and many of those promises are explicitly opposed to globalization. George Soros has distinguished himself as a long time supporter of globalization and does not want to see it end any time soon.

About George Soros
George Soros is a hedge fund manager and political donor with a strong focus on progressive politics. He believes the global unity is good for the world’s economy and provides people with an opportunity to improve their lives on Business Insider. In order to give this to the most people possible he contributes to the political campaigns of left wing politicians.