Keith Mann: He Keeps Moving Forward

When it comes to life, there are going to be good moments and bad moments. The key is being able to get through those bad moments and come out a better person because of it. That can be difficult for a lot of people. Sometimes when something turns bad, it can turn really bad in a hurry. That is why it is up to people like Keith Mann to keep the ship steering in the right direction during good times, bad times, and everything in between. He has a strong voice and he is a strong leader. That is why people look up to him at Dynamics Search Partners. They know he is a man of conviction and a man of action.


He does not like to sit around and wait for life to start. He likes to make life happen as soon as possible. When there is a chance to do something good or turn a negative into a positive, he does it. He knows it is only going to help that person out even more in the long run. That is why he is so passionate and so committed to it. He believes in it and when Keith Mann believes in something, you know results are not going to be too far behind, that is for sure.


He recently helped raise over twenty-thousand dollars for the Uncommon School Districts with a big fundraiser. Now, these are not easy to put together and they are not easy to hold. In order to get money, you need to spend money. If Keith Mann can do something, you can bet your bottom dollar he is going to do it and he is going to do it to the best of his ability. He wants these kids to be filled with hope, optimism, and enthusiasm about their future. They might be in a bad situation now, but that does mean they will always be in that situation. With people like Keith Mann having their back, the sky is the limit.


They can do things they probably never thought possibly and that is beautiful.


Achieving Fulfillment through Ancient Wisdom, Kabbalah

It is important we understand what Kabbalah is all about. The term “Kabbalah” refers to an ancient wisdom that explains how the entire universe and life operate or rather work. Literally, the term means, “to receive.” In other words, it can be defined as the study of how one can receive fulfillment in his or her life.

Most people across the world feel that they are not as fulfilled as they should. It is even a paradox that whenever they strive so hard to achieve some sense of fulfillment, the more it gets away from them.

According to the teachings of Kabbalah, all the branches of life including relationships, health, and careers, originate from the same root. Kabbalah teaches how to look at the world and connecting you to the kind of fulfillment you desire.

The Kabbalah Center is an international non-profit organization dedicated to giving people across all spheres of life the tools and wisdom that can be useful in improving their lives and removing chaos in the world. Headquartered in the city of Los Angeles, California, the center offers courses on the wisdom and teachings of Kabbalah online and through the various centers in the region and study groups across the world.

The Kabbalah Center has at least 50 locations all over the world with over 5,000 people studying every week. People either use the various physical locations or the online platform to access books, lectures, prayer services, download content, CD’s, and DVDs. Established in 1922 by Ray Yehuda Ashlag, the Kabbalah Centre supports students by providing a healthy environment for them to be natured and exchange and share ideas, grow spiritually, and develop relationships.

Today, Rav Berg who took over as Director in 1969 leads the Kabbalah Center. Kabbalist Rav Berg is in charge with the help of his family. The International Centre also has a staff of teachers from diverse ethnic backgrounds who offer training, lectures, and guidance to the students. Being a non-profit religious organization, the Kabbalah Center is exempted from paying federal income taxes.

Why Class Dojo Wants to Make the Classroom Experience More Fulfilling

Ed-tech firm Class Dojo recently announced that it has managed to raise 21 million dollars in its second round of investment funding. These funds will be used to improve its platform, thus enabling more seamless communication between educators and learners’ parents. The addition of more features to the platform will similarly enable parents to play a bigger role in the everyday learning activities of their kids.

Improving the platform will make it possible for parents to be kept apprised about their children’s experiences throughout the day. This will negate the need for them to physically visit schools to discuss the progress of their kids. The funds raised will go a long way in helping the company to add more content and features to its platform. According to the firm’s cofounders Liam Dona and San Chaudhary, parents will be guaranteed a communication platform, which creates a productive culture within and outside the classroom environment.

The cofounders assert that the idea behind the app was to assist parents in their quest to support the development of their kids. Teachers use the app to schedule learning activities, which are also made known to parents. Photos and videos are regularly sent to parents so that they keep tabs on whatever their kids are doing. Class Dojo has rave reviews due to its ability to create a learning community that encompasses parents, teachers, and learners.
About Class Dojo

The company was formed in 2011. The founders wanted to create a distinct ed-tech firm, which would totally revolutionize the education sector. Its maiden app Class Dojo has gained immense popularity, and is currently used in more than 85,000 schools in the US. It is particularly popular with parents whose kids are in kindergarten through to 8th grade.

Despite being newcomer in the ed-tech industry, Class Dojo has grown steadily. The firm is yet to record any revenues since the founders have been focusing their attention on improving the app. With 25 employees, the company has also been focusing on the protection of users’ privacy.