What Dr. Avi Weisfogel Knows

Sleep treatments have been a big deal in the United States, and Dr. Avi Weisfogel has an extensive background in this area of treatment. While some may consider this to be unique for a dentist, sleep disorders have been researched and give us a peek into how many would benefit from dental orthotics. Dr. Weisfogel’s practice, Old Bridge Dental in New Jersey has earned him numerous awards for his outstanding practice and service to his patients. During the course of his career in dentistry, he began to research sleep problems and the root causes of sleep problems. What Dr. Weisfogel discovered is that sleep was a problem for many of his patients, including trouble getting to sleep as well as staying asleep.


It was later in 2010 that Dr. Weisfogel began to share with other dentists what he discovered to be true about sleep problems and how dental patients were affected by these problems. One of the major sleep disorders, sleep apnea was the focus of his mission to help build sleep labs and teach doctors how to manage them effectively through his organization known as Healthy Heart Sleep. After this endeavor here was up and running, Dr Weisfogel diligently began to seek out new ways to help dentists excel in this area of their practice with Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel has received numerous reviews regarding his work as a dentist as well as on his education of sleep problems. Many dentists have reviewed him on Facebook, one in particular said, “First day after attending your seminar, we closed a sleep apnea case. Your “Dental Sleep Master” system works, that’s a fact.


While dentists are raving about the seminars, more patients are now able to get their dental care and sleep problems taken care of in one place. This is pleasing patients and dentists on a whole new level, especially when it includes reviews made by multiple dentists that their patients are no longer suffering from these problems that they face each day.