Class Dojo is Raising Money for New Services

Class Dojo is a mobile application tool that is designed to aid teachers in the classroom. This app has been around since 2012 and is now the number one educational app on the market today. At least 90% of all U.S. schools utilize the Class Dojo app.


Teachers and parents typically sign up on Class Dojo so they can keep in touch with each other. This is important for keeping track of a student’s progress throughout the school year. This app’s primary purpose is to create a first line of communication between teachers, parents and their students.


The app has features such as texting, video clips and photo capabilities. Teachers can also use it keep track of a student’s progress throughout the day and they can use this application to give out awards, accolades and simple praise credits to children who are doing a good job.


Founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Dom have raised $21 million dollars to provide new services. These services are set to include customized yearbooks, video yearbooks, discussion guides and transactional features. The app is being tested to see if parents (or responsible students) can use it to pay for lunches or to purchase supplies.


Class Dojo is also trying to implement high quality content through the app that parents, students and even teachers can use to help a child’s education. This application’s best feature is that it allows parents and teachers to keep a consistent open line of communication.


The venture capital funding is important for the success of Class Dojo. Without venture capital funding this organization would not be able to provide many of its great services to its clients. Many parents, teachers and even their students appreciate Class Dojo and are looking forward to the new services that this application will eventually provide.