EOS Lip Balms: A Balanced Combination of Innovation, Big Dreams and Marketing That Outclassed ChapStick

For a long period, the lip balm shelves in supermarkets and drugstores were all stocked with the ChapStick brand and Chapsticks by routine became the preference for most customers despite the limited flavors at stake.However, pastel-colored, delightfully flavored EOS lip balms packed in aesthetic spherical casings began to pop up everywhere and immediately dominated shelves at Walmart, Target and Walgreen. Soon after, the Evolution Of Smooth products became a favorite of various celebrities including Christina Aguilera, Kim Kardeshian and Miley Cyrus just to mention a few.

EOS lip balms are currently the second bestselling lip care products in the US, just slightly behind Burt’s Bees. How did Fast Company become a bigger brand than century-old ChapStick and Blistex? Well, the untold story behind this amazing growth baffles buyers and business magnates alike.As told by Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller, the cofounders and managers of the company, the journey began by building information and focusing on promoting their start up business as well as the company morals and values. The company capitalized on the fact that most lip care products in the market then were undistinguishable and produced with the sole objective of cutting costs.  Click ebay.com for needed details

In a bid to create a lifetime, unique, tailor-made product and package for women across the globe, they contracted a clay artist who without being overly flashy modeled the soft spherical packaging that guarantees a unique touch. Check EOS products on walgreens.com. Other considerations involved the colors, taste of flavors, the smells, and the closing mechanism of the round casing.Research and innovation was not going to provide competition against the market leaders without effective marketing. First, they priced their products at about $3 and when they landed the first female customer who liked EOS lip balms at Walgreen, they had their first major account which eventually prompted Target and Walmart to stock EOS lip balms.  Head over to this site also.

To create a buzz around the Fast Company products, the cofounders created an emotional connection with young and middle-aged women using the tagline: “The lip balm that makes you smile.” EOS also uses social media, music videos and partnerships with industry leaders to get a bigger share in the competitive market.

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