How Eric Lefkofsky is Shaping Cancer Treatment

Eric Paul Lefkosky, an American entrepreneur, is the co-founder and chairman of Groupon, as well as the co-founder and CEO of Tempus. Tempus, a technology company which gives physicians the ability to provide personalized cancer care to their patients, was co-founded by Lefkosky in 2016. The Tempus platform makes this possible by analyzing molecular and clinical data which allows doctors and other healthcare professionals to make data-driven decisions for specialized treatment to find more effective methods. The technology behind Tempus’ platform was built to battle cancer, empower physicians, and provide patients with beneficial treatment through genomic sequencing services and data-driven decisions.

Eric Lefkosky is also the co-founder and Managing Director Lightbank, a Chicago based firm, which is a venture fund that invests in disruptive technology businesses. Lightbank has invested in a number of companies throughout the United States, such as Groupon, Belly, BenchPrep, Mediaocean, Innerworkings, ClusterFlunk, Qwiki, and HighGround. These businesses focus on accelerated disruption, constantly in search of and working towards technological advancement which can provide consumers with better price, quality of service, convenience, and all around ideas which make the industry better.

In 2007, Eric wrote a book titled Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation. In it, he explains how disruptive businesses are formed, how they grow, how they’re sustained, and gives thought on the conceptual and intellectual framework that’s needed for these businesses to thrive. He states that accelerated disruption involves dealing with choosing the right industry to innovate, using conventional wisdom to choose which disruptive idea to give an under-the-radar test a go, understanding an industry’s concept of pain and how to turn it into a competitive advantage, how to get the best out of employees through smart automation, discovering a capitol strategy that works to support the business during the critical startup stages of development, mastering the art of quick-release to make product improvements, turning a businesses’ customer base into an R&D team, and learning how to promote an idea even when there’s industry and investor resistance.

In 1987, Lefkosky graduated from Southfield-Lathrup High School before he went on to attend the University of Michigan, where he graduated in 1991 with honors. Afterwards, he received his Juris Doctor once graduating the University of Michigan in 1993. It was at the University of Michigan that he started his career, by selling carpets. In 2006, with his wife Elizabeth, he formed the Lefkosky Foundation, which is a charitable trust that supports educational, charitable, and scientific organizations and such causes around the world. The Lefkosky foundation focuses on children and has helped more than 50 organizations to date.

Lefkosky is also apart of The Giving Pledge, on the board of directors as Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital, a board member of of World Business Chicago, a Trustee of Steppenwolf Theatre Company, on the board of directors for The Museum of Science and Industry, co-founder of Uptake, LLC, co-founder of ECHO (Echo Global Logistics), co-founder of Uptake, co-founder of Mediaocean, and the co-founder of InnerWorkings. He has taught at several schools in the Chicago area, including the Kellogg School of Management located at Northwestern University and DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. In 2013, Lefkosky became Groupon’s CEO, a position in which he stepped down from in 2015 to resume being the company’s chairman to become the CEO of Tempus.

Sam Boraie and Boraie Development Making Headlines


Sam Boraie and Boraie Development made headlines back in 2013 when the NBA star Shaq invested into One Riverview in Newark. The plan was to convert the prior Science High School building into a 23-story, 169-unit apartment complex. The tower will also include retail shops on the first floor. The project is a collaboration between Shaq, Boraie Development and the city of Newark. O’Neal had also partnered with Sam Boraie previously to develop a new movie theater.


The project with Shaq has proven that Newark, NJ has more to offer than government buildings and budget housing projects. The apartments in the One Riverview building may rent out for between $1,400 to $2,200 per month depending on the size. Shaq grew up in the city of Newark and wants to rebuild his childhood city.


In 2014, Boraie Development played a part in fund raising $765,000 for the State Theatre. Sam Boraie was recognized during the event as one of the four honorees attending. The event had a concert by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, a dinner reception, a silent auction with 90 luxury items, an open bar, dessert bars, dancing events and a scotch tasting provided by William Grant & Sons.


Sam Boraie’s father Omar was featured in an NJBiz article in December of 2014. Omar was labeled as a visionary for transforming the city of New Brunswick from a declining, crime ridden city to a booming real estate center. At the time, Omar was finishing up The Aspire, a luxury apartment complex located in the center of town.


Boraie Development was featured in PRNewswire for their news leasing center The Aspire in New Brunswick. The Aspire leases luxury apartments, as well as retail space on the first floor. The tower heavily markets towards the boom of Millennials in the city. There are a mix of 238 luxury studio apartments and 2 bedroom apartments for young professionals and students. The apartments have high ceilings, hardwood floors in the living areas, gourmet kitchens with islands in the center and glass showers without frames in the bathrooms. The building was built by Tishman Construction, the same company that built the World Trade Center. The price range for apartments start from $1,750 to $2,750 per month.


The Estates at Waverly Place is a new project of luxury homes in Montgomery New Jersey. There are 7 custom estates that include large one acre lots. Montgomery Township School District is one of the best school districts in the state of New Jersey. The estates are nearby local entertainment, including Montgomery Cinemas and the Montgomery Shopping Center. There are several hospitals in the immediate area including the University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro, St. Peter’s Hospital, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Somerset Medical Center. You can find more information about the new project from their official website.


In addition to property development, Boraie Development offers property management and marketing services. The company is very experienced with sales, maintenance and marketing within New Jersey.


Jason Halper’s JMH Development Topps Off the South Aloft Beach

Jason Halpern is a New York-based property developer. JMH Development is a family business under his control since 2010. The company has invested over $500 million in projects in New York. The 184 Kent developments are one of the major developments undertaken by the company. The Cobble Hill Project Townhouses are under JMH Development’s responsibility. For this reason, the company added nine townhouses to the Brooklyn Area.


JMH Development is a leading property development company with many years of professional experience in the development of commercial and residential properties in the United States. JMH Development has pioneered the development of well-positioned and unique properties win an innovative approach to creating luxury category distinctive approach in markets like Brooklyn. The company has completed the 184 Kent Avenue major renovations that result in the residential rentals in Brooklyn. 184 Kent Avenue received the 2001 Brooklyn Award. In the recent past, JMH Development has cut across the Cobble Hill Townhouses. This is a collection of nine townhouse luxury apartment. The company is committed to creating high-quality and successful properties in the country.


Starwood Resorts & Hotels Worldwide, Inc. is one of the leading leisure and hotel firms in the universe. It has over 1,200 real estate developments in more than 100 countries. The company has a record of more than 180,000 employees. Starwood is a fully-integrated operator, owner franchiser. The company also owns residential cottages and resorts with other international brands including The Luxury Collection, St. Regis, Westin, W Hotels, Sheraton, Meridian, Element, Aloft, and Four Points. The company also boasts of the loyalty program in the leading Starwood Guests that allows you to redeem and earn points for flights, room stays, and room upgrades. Starwood also owns the Starwood Ownership Vocation, Inc. This is a high-end vacation experience through privileged access to villa-style resorts.


Aloft Hotels have over 14 countries in the world waiting for their high-end services and more than 100 hotels open by now. The Aloft Brand Starwood delivers a better approach to landscape hotels. For the traveling generation, this brand offers a high-end experience coupled up with the different modern-style designs.


Under the leadership of Jason Halpern, JMH Development and the Madden Property Ventures, have sought the adaptive reuse of the project under the Aloft South Beach. The motel Ankara includes the nine-story tower. The 235-room resort will be opened in 2015 in Miami Beach. Plaza Construction company is handling the construction part of the project. ADD, Inc., on the other hand, is handling the architects part of the project. The South Aloft Beach with is the first-of-its-kind to be opened in this Beach. It offers larger rooms than their competitors. According to Halpern, they are excited to reach the topping off of the hotel.


What the world of merchandising means for Kenneth Goodgame

The newest appointee to the position of chief merchandising officer by the True value company is Kenneth Goodgame. He has been working with the company for a couple of years now in junior positions but still in the merchandising department. The experience that he has in merchandising spans over three decades and this is more than the experience that he needs to handle the demands that come with the newly attained position.

One of the skills that he has learned over the years, and which he applies in all his endeavors is the principle of value addition. Kenneth states that value addition is a tricky form of marketing because sometimes, regardless of the amount of value addition you do, the customers may not appreciate it. He states that in a social experiment where shoppers are faced with the decision of buying a value added item or service and a similar brand that is of lower quality and lower cost, he states that most of the times, the customers will move towards the item with the smaller price tag. What makes one successful as a merchandiser in this case therefore, is trying to help the customers understand the true value of the value added goods or services.

The best way to make customers see the sense in value addition is focused advertising. This can be done both at the local and national levels. He also states that the model that he has adopted has helped him create more than 10 percent growth in business sales for his company. This is evident in his sales report for the last quarter that he has worked as a merchandiser with the True Value Company where he registered a 9 percent business growth. Kenneth says that his secret weapon for all this success is the OEM model of marketing. He also makes use of the SKY EDLP program and as a result, the sales in his departments have been growing very steadily for the past five years.

Kenneth Goodgame is a University of Tennessee graduate in Marketing. He has a vast experience in his field a merchandiser and if the sales record in his current position are anything to go by, the sky is the limit for him.

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Kenneth Goodgame leads True Value Company to success

James Dondero Becomes Member of Executive Board at Local Business School

Recently, the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University appointed James Dondero to the Executive Board. At this new position, James would continue to expand his commitment to the business school. He and his firm Highland Capital Management have already endowed the school with the Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars Program. With this program, a number of students will be able to pursue a number of academic and professional opportunities. The program recognizes top students and provides them with the mentorship they need to work towards their future. By becoming a member of the Executive Board, James Dondero will be able to allow the business school to give students the guidance they need in order to achieve their goals.

James Dondero is a financier who co founded the firm Highland Capital Management in 1993. Since the early 1990’s, Dondero has helped lead the firm to becoming one of the top in its industry. James built the firm to help meet the needs of a number of large institutional investors. He offers a number of services such as hedge fund management, equity securities and also collateralized loan obligations. With these services, Dondero has been able to help investors better manage and allocate their financial resources. As a result, James has been a major contributor to helping a number of institutions bolster the economy. By making this firm very successful, James has expanded to international markets in countries such as South Korea, the United Kingdom and Brazil.

Prior to starting up the firm Highland Capital Management, James went to college to study finance and accounting. He attended the University of Virginia and graduated with high honors. As a distinguished student, James would seek out opportunities in the finance industry. His first job was working as a trainee and credit analyst. This provided him with valuable work experience that would help him advance his career. During his career, he would advance to higher positions and continue to learn the finance industry. Dondero would eventually attain the position of chief investment officer. At this position, he would manage large amounts of capital for major corporations.


Diversant Principal Executive John Goullet

Diversant is a company that specializes in technology staffing. It works with companies that are looking to hire technology professionals for their information technology departments. As well as working with companies, Diversant also assists technology professionals who are looking to get a job and also advance their career. With the help of Diversant, both technology workers and companies will be in better position to reach their objectives. Diversant has stood out as among the top technology staffing firms due to its values of discipline, diversity and teamwork. With these values, Diversant has helped numerous professionals get the ideal employment opportunities as well as helping companies locate and hire the top talent available. As a result, Diversant has established itself as the premier firm when it comes to technology staffing.

The top executive of Diversant is the principal John Goullet. Under his leadership, Diversant has been able to build and maintain a reputation of being a top technology staffing firm. With nearly three decades of experience, John Goullet has been able to provide Diversant with the direction it needs in order to meet the needs of clients and achieve success. John is very well aware of what companies are currently looking for in technology workers. As a result, he sets the policies in terms of recruiting the best technology talent available. While John looks to help firms hire technology workers, he also looks to have his company help out the professionals as well. Since he is familiar with the skills and qualifications that technology professionals need to have, he gives them feedback on what they need to do to get hired.

John Goullet has worked in the technology industry for three decades as both a consultant and an executive. He began his career as a consultant for a number of computer technology companies. At these companies, John would oversee the technology departments and make sure that it was always running smoothly. He would evaluate the hardware and software on a regular basis to make sure that it was up to date. Goullet would also make recommendations to companies on what technology sources to get in order to stay up to date. By the middle of the 1990’s, Goullet started up a staffing firm once he noticed a considerable demand for expert technology workers. His firm was a success and eventually merged with Diversant.

Richard Blair: Education Enthusiast

Richard has been drawn to the world of education since he was a little boy. Both his mother and grandmother were teachers, so his upbringing was one that appreciated the value of education. His appreciation for educators could one of the main reason he would eventually marry a teacher. With such a knowledgeable environment, he got to personally observe how much teaching could improve one’s knowledge and grow one’s confidence.

His love of knowledge combined with his natural deft for finances made Richard a near prodigy in the finance world. He very quickly realized his potential for helping people with their financial planning and investments. So after college, in 1993, Richard immediately entered into the world of financial services. The next year he founded his own company, Wealth Solutions, to personal provide advice. He offered objective and unbiased counsel to all of his clients, making sure to never have any conflicts of interest.

Wealth Solutions is one of the most well-known investment advisory firms in Austin, Texas. Richard founded the company with a mission to make a positive and significant difference in the lives of all his clients, whether they are individuals, families, or small business entrepreneurs. Over the years, Richard has been sharpening his financial skills, expanding his horizons. He is now expertly knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with retirement planning. He uses his deft, specialized strategies to help his clients bridge the gap between initially planning for their retirement and successfully living in retirement.

He does this by helping them to avoid the more common pitfalls of retirement planning while providing sound retirement income planning strategies. His goal: to help every individual client pursue and achieve their personal vision of retirement success.

Despite the ever-changing markets, Richard firmly believes that his company, Wealth Solutions Inc., should offer the most up-to-date financial strategies available. He personally ensures that his company knows how to adapt to the changing financial environment and institute that change within themselves. The advisers at WSI are constantly seeking every opportunity to offer dynamic and yet reserved solutions to their clients.

These solutions are meant to set their clients up for the maximum success of the upsides of their investments while minimizing any and all risks these strategies may involve. WSI recognizes that most people’s primary goal is preparing for retirement. That’s why they offer the best solutions.

Sanjay Shah Knows How To Work And Have Fun

With an event like Autism Rocks, it is clear it takes a lot of work to put it together. There are a lot of things to get in order, vendors to deal with, and things to set up. However, someone like Sanjay Shah Denmark, someone who once practiced medicine, used to be an accountant and now runs his own brokerage film in Solo Capital, is not intimated by this. He just does what is necessary and makes it happen. That is the way he operates and it is the way he will operate well into the future. He has a calming presence about him and this helps him with business and it also helps with Autism Rocks.

He knows how to have a good time and that is what Autism Rocks is all about: having a good time, raising awareness, and getting donations in order to help with Autism. To show you the type of respect that Sanjay Shah has and how he does business, in the past, this event has had names such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Bublè and Drake in London and Dubai perform at it. It is a big deal and a lot of people are talking about it.

it is important that youth understand children with autism and treat them with respect, kindness, and understanding.  With this event and with all of the great work that Sanjay Shah and his wife are doing, more and more people will know about autism and they won’t be uninformed. Again, it is not their fault. It is just in certain situations, people might not understand it unless they have done their homework. This is an entertaining yet informative event, which is the best kind of event. People can have fun and they can learn more about autism and have a broader understanding of it. That is why the event has been such a big hit.

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