José AuriemoNeto: A Major JHSF Force

JHSF is a major real estate firm that’s based in the South American nation of Brazil. It caters to a broad range of affluent clients. The company focuses on both commercial and residential real estate matters. It plans and creates shopping centers of all sizes. It creates global airports and luxurious hotels alike as well. JHSF is headquartered in bustling São Paulo. This vast city serves as Brazil’s financial heart. JHSF was established back in the early seventies. People admire it for a variety of strong reasons. The JHSF team has a talent for being able to pinpoint exciting, new and fresh openings.

The firm is extremely active in São Paulo. It’s also a big force in other sizable cities such as Manaus and Salvador. JHSF isn’t restricted to Brazil, either. It also does extremely well in the city of Punta del Este in southeastern Uruguay. It thrives in New York, New York in the United States as well. JHSF is split up into a total of four business sectors. These sectors are airports, restaurants and dining establishments, incorporated efforts and, last but not least, shopping centers. JHSF is a public company. It’s been that way since 2007.

José AuriemoNeto is a significant part of JHSF’s extraordinary power. He’s the firm’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Chairman. When people think about JHSF, they often immediately picture Neto. People feel a sense of admiration when they remember Neto. He’s the head of a reputable real estate development business in South America. The committed executive graduated from FAAP (Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado) University, a widely known institution of higher learning in São Paulo. The university was launched in 1947. Click here to know more.

Neto’s time at JHSF began in 1993. He strengthened the firm’s services department in 1997. He accomplished this by setting up Parkbem, a firm that specializes in the management of parking lots. JHSF’s services department did well. In 1998, Neto made the decision to work on JHSF’s premier shopping center. This center was known as “The Shopping Santa Cruz.” Neto is a top Brazilian executive who doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time in the near future.

Leadership That Yields Results

Leadership is like the backbone of development in an organization. Any team needs leadership that propels it to its next level. Leaders do not seem to understand their roles in an organization. This is because managing and leading are two different things. Most leaders know how to manage but not how to lead. Leading means being proactive and enabling people to use their strength for the good of the company. Managing people is more like giving orders and making sure that these requests are attended to with or without your cooperation. This is the significant difference between leading and managing people. Most leaders have misinterpreted leadership as managing. The only thing that makes leadership and managing different are the results of both. Managing people gives results that are not inclusive. Leading people gives results that are inclusive since the leader understands the price of the results.

Troy McQuagge is the chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group. This company is dedicated to developing the medical industry and insulating consumers against raw insurance policies. They offer clients with flexible policies that enable a customer to benefit from the insurance cover.

Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group seven years ago. The company was not in good shape. His priority was facilitating growth in the company and creating a positive reputation for the enterprise. Troy McQuagge has proven to understand leadership since the company has achieved more than the expected results. The company has become competitive in the industry. It is ranked among the market leaders in the insurance sector. Troy McQuagge recently received an award as the Gold Winner of Planet One Awards. These awards are given to outstanding leaders who cause an impactful change in their organizations and societies. Troy McQuagge offered a speech at the time and recognized the teamwork that has enabled USHEALTH Group to achieve its mission and vision. He said that he could not do it without the advice of the board. He recognized that the award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group. This is an indication that he is a real leader who gives honor where it is due.


Paul Mampilly is Attracting Many Novice Investors to His New Newsletter

The knowledge of investing and buying the right kind of stocks is still very distant to many people that are not Wall Street insiders, but there are those who are working to help them invest just like professionals. One person doing this through a newsletter edition is Paul Mampilly, a former hedge fund manager and author of Profits Unlimited. Profits Unlimited started out not long ago on Banyan Hill Publishers and already it’s garnered over 60,000 subscribers. Profits Unlimited contains information on how to start investing and taking control of your investments without needing a portfolio manager, and Mampilly always shares at least one stock investment he projects will do well each month.

Mampilly began in the investment banking and hedge fund financial boutiques at the outset. He immigrated to the US from India and attended Fordham University where he holds an MBA. He started out as a credit researcher for Duetsche Bank and then started managing assets for clients at ING Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Sears, Bankers Trust and a Swiss bank. His entry to the hedge fund business started at Kinetics International where he started investing assets in high-yield funds and grew the assets under management to $25 billion. In the following years Mampilly started growing his own portfolio and was the winner of an investment competition hosted by Templeton Foundation. Click here to know more.

Mampilly had made such high profits from trading stocks and compensation in portfolio management that he retired from the corporate world at only age 42. But he decided to dedicate his time to educating the masses about investing and share information with various media outlets including cable networks such as CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business. Some of the stocks Mampilly has owned include Sarepta Therapeutics, Netflix, and Facebook all of which he bought at the early stage and turned around to sell high profits in their maturity.

Tim Armour: Buffett Wrong On Investing, This Is What You Should Know

Those who know anything about investing know that Warren Buffett’s success comes from an ability to read the market, so questioning that would make little sense to most. Tim Armour is of a different opinion.

In a recent op-ed, Armour argued that Buffett’s love for passive indexes may seem attractive to those entering the market for the first time it isn’t necessarily better for returns, which is what every investor should care about.

The current bull market has been abnormally long and particularly kind to those willing to invest in passive or active funds. But for the looming bear market that will be upon investors before long. Armour suggests looking to fund managers in order to determine the future of a fund.

While it’s impossible to say which funds will and won’t succeed right away, Armour has gathered data sets which show that funds where manager have financially invested into them provide higher returns for investors than those that don’t. This, Armour attributes to confidence which in turn urges more investors to pay in, giving the fund the capital necessary to succeed.

Armour claims to apply the same selection methodology and has seen returns exceed benchmark indexes by 1.47%.

About Timothy Armour

Timothy Armour is a businessman and investor from Los Angeles, California. He graduated from Middlebury College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, landing him a position in Capital Group Companies’ Associates Program.

After working for Capital Group for over 30 years, Armour ascended through the ranks of Capital Research and Management Company to the potions of Chairman and Principal Executive Officer.

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Award Winning Health Services Provided By Troy McQuagge

When people are looking for health services, it is important that they make sure that they are getting award winning health services. For one thing, health is very important. Without health, one would not be able to live. There are a lot of aspects to health care and health insurance that need to be taken care of so that one can rest assured that he is going to get the best health care possible. With low quality health care, one’s health could actually be made worse. This is one of the reasons that one has to look at any company in the health care industry to make sure that it is a good company.

One of the award winning health companies is the USHEALTH Group. USHEALTH shows that it cares about its clients. For one thing, it is involved in making sure that all of the health care needs are taken care of. Among the needs that they try to meet for people is their needs for health insurance. They do everything they can to provide them with the needed coverage so that they can make sure that they are getting enough service for the policy they pay for.If you want to read full article: Click here.

Troy McQuagge is the CEO of USHEALTH and he has won an award for CEO of the Year at the One Planet award show. The fact that he has won CEO of the year is a sign that he is not only running a business with the right ideas, but that he is also inspiring his workers to do the same. Therefore, the people that work with him also share the same type of vision of health care. They also share the same type of care for the individual. After all, each individual is worthy of getting top notch healthcare no matter what type of health he has.Troy has considered it an honor to be given the CEO of the Year awards. He accepts this award with grace and appreciation. This shows that he is also someone who is easy to talk with and associate with Troy Mcquagge. He runs a very trustworthy company with USHEALTH.

A Look At IT Tech Recruiting Expert John Goullet

After graduating from Ursinus College in 1983 with a degree in Computer Science, John Goullet embarked on a career as an IT Consultant. After several years, as he gained experience in the industry, he noted that there was a huge demand for IT Consultants and other technology positions. Seeing others have success as IT Staffing Consultants, Goullet was inspired to start his own company where he would supply technology workers to meet that demand. The result was his company Info Technologies which he founded in 1994. After a short time, he was placing job candidates at businesses all across the United States including at Fortune 500 companies. Under his leadership, Info Technologies was worth $30 million after just five years and Inc. Magazine listed Goullet’s company as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the country.

After a number of years, John Goullet saw an opportunity to further grow his business by partnering with another IT consulting firm. He brokered a deal with Diversant Inc. and merged with their company. After the merger was complete Goullet was named the Principal of Diversant and he set about being a leader of the company. Diversant focuses on providing talented IT personnel to mid-market and Fortune 500 companies. It is also certified as the largest African-American owned company in the US.

John Goullet has stated that he enjoys meeting the ever changing demands of the IT field. He thinks that there aren’t enough students graduating from colleges in the United States in order to meet that demand. Goullet has become skilled at identifying what skills and toolkits are going to be needed in the industry in the mid-term future and then helping the candidates that Diversant has in order to develop those skills.

Another thing that excites John Goullet about his industry is that the technology sector makes up an ever increasing amount of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product. This leads to more and more people being needed in the field. Goullet has said that as long as they consistently deliver quality candidates the future of Diversant is very bright.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Commitment Towards Community Health

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and CEO at Tempus. Tempus is a technology firm that has developed a platform to help physicians to battle cancer. He is also the founder and managing director of Lightbank, a venture fund investing in disruptive technology businesses. Lefkofsky is also a co-founder and chairman of Groupon, a global e-commerce marketplace and co-founder of Uptake Technologies, world largest predictive analytics service provider. In 2015, Lefkofsky left his position as CEO at Groupon to concentrate much of his time and efforts to Tempus.


Lefkofsky Involvement at Tempus


Since leaving his position at Groupon, Lefkofsky has donated millions of dollars towards cancer research at He is actively involved in startups that aim at taking technological measures to cure cancer. Tempus is a health-tech startup that is building next generation infrastructures to modernize cancer treatment. His donation to Tempus was aimed at establishing cutting edge genomic sequencing and analysis methods to help doctors understand tumors.


Lefkofsky Philanthropy


Eric Lefkofsky is a trustee of Luries children’s hospital, the Art Institute of Chicago, World Business Chicago and the Museum of science and industry. Lefkofsky has been involved in various charitable activities. The donations, which comes from Lefkofsky family Foundation, a charity founded by Lefkofsky and his wife Liz, aims at primarily supporting research that aims at eradicating diseases, especially cancer and leukemia. The agency has also donated towards educational projects that help young and disadvantaged students as well as giving charters to schools within Chicago. As an alumnus of the University of Michigan, Eric Lefkofsky donated $ 1.2 million to the health sector of the university.




The Accelerated Disruption Idea


Accelerated disruption defines a business development that is moving at next generation’s technological advancements. According to Lefkofsky, disruptive businesses are born every day. At any given time an individual has a great idea that can offer better choices regarding convenience, price, functionality, service and at that moment, they hold the key to reshaping the entire sector. Due to the swift pace of the technology, the idea holder is quickly overtaken by startups or large competitors. Idea holders fail to appreciate the speed of technology, which allows competitors to come from everywhere. Therefore, only enterprises that can understand and control the forces of technology will be able to succeed years to come.


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How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

Josh Verne is one of the most recognised serial entrepreneurs based in the United States. For more than twenty years, he has worked to serve the business population by founding and selling over 20 businesses from scratch in the United States. Moreover, most of the businesses he has sold are multi-million conglomerates whose value spans millions of dollars. Josh Verne is also a recognised business lecturer who has his experience taught and passed on to the next generation of business people. For this reason, he has developed guidelines through which the business leaders can follow and succeed in life and business. According to him, vision is what separates successful business people from failures in life. This is because it is through business where a person is considered as successful person. Vision is the art of seeing what other people cannot see in normal conditions. Josh Verne is the Founder and President of


Let’s have a look at the building block of a successful person in life and business.

  1. Everything must be a win-win

For you to succeed in business and life, ensure that understand that those people around you are more important than you. Whenever you have people participate in a deal. Ensure that they never accede to a course of action which has no one included in the benefit section. For this reason, you will have the best interests of the people at heart. Strive to achieve a winning situation for all individuals. If you win, it will also translate to a win for your clients. Moreover, everyone will also win including the society from whom you get your business. If you engage in selfish courses in your business, you will be forced to lay aside all your customers and start working like a new business which has no clients. In this way, you will fall like thunder.

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How Don Ressler Changed Online Retail

Don Ressler is one of the most successful entrepreneurs the world has seen. He has created startups specializing in everything from fashion to skin care. Over the course of his career the companies he founds and heads have produced billions of dollars. Even more amazing is the fact that Ressler has succeed while pioneering in new sectors of commerce. Specifically, he has made a name for himself in the world of online retail at Although most of us have had our experiences with Amazon and Ebay, Ressler was generating billions before online retail was even considered a thing. He continues to innovate in online retail to this very day.

He Was One Of The First Entrepreneurs Of Online Retail
Don Ressler is undeniably one of the most successful businessmen of our time. Starting in the early 2000s he created some of the first forays into online retail the world witnessed such as These early ventures of his were so successful he was able to generate billions in revenue for the startups he founded. After meeting Adam Goldenberg, another online retail entrepreneur, he set out to create his greatest achievement so far. He created the personalized clothing retailer JustFab.

JustFab Perfected The Subscription Model
It simply isn’t possible to understand just how innovative JustFab was. Selling the idea of paying a $39.95 monthly fee to subscribe for a personalized selection on Brandettes doesn’t seem like a good idea at first thought, but Ressler understood how to give people what they want. When people shop they don’t want retailers to bombard them with clothes that simply aren’t meant for them or their tastes. JustFab cuts to the point and gives each and every customers clothes on Huffington Post meant for their body specifically. With millions of loyal customers it seems as if JustFab has succeeded.

Fabletics Has Brought Online Retail Into The Physical World
The success of JustFab sparked a fire in Ressler. He wanted to see exactly how far he could go with online retail on with a new idea. Focusing specifically on providing customers with athletic wear, Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson came together to create Fabletics. The business model of Fabletics was similar to JustFab, but Fabletics was able to reach beyond the internet. While JustFab is currently an online exclusive, there are now Fabletics brick and mortar stores located in the real world. These stores are proving so successful Fabletics is expected to build more than 100 within the next 5 years.

Taking Fashion To The Next Level

The fashion world has many fashion designers. Many fashion designers understand what makes a good fashion design. As fashion is introduced to the public, there are certain things that people like to see regarding fashion. From a fashion designer’s point of view, fashion is about creating what is great in the eyes of the fashion designer. There are a variety of ways to approach fashion. In the fashion world, different is a positive. People like fashion that is different. They appreciate a fashion designer stepping out from the norm.


Many fashions are different than other fashions. One of the ways that some fashion designers are making their fashions different is by using aspects of fashion that are unique, unusual, or out of the box. The use of technology in fashion design has been a way that some fashion designers have chosen to make their fashion designs stand out from the crowd.


Technology is everywhere in the world today. In many ways, technology is common in the life of most people. Technology such as smartphones and cell phones are used by the vast majority of people to some extent. In addition, there is a variety of technology that is used for a wide range of tasks, activities, and events. Fashion designers are exploring ways of using technology with fashion to compliment what people are already doing in their daily lives. The fashion is just making what people are already doing with technology look more attractive, appealing, and exciting.


Technology is more than devices in the world today. Technology is cool. People enjoy using technology for what it can do and provide. However, technology in many ways serves the same purpose as fashion. It gives people an opportunity to show their personality, preferences, and likes through the technology they use. As a result, when fashion designers take certain technology and combine it with fashion, the popularity of the technology helps to make a fashion statement.


Fashion and technology are two of the most popular business industries in the world. People use technology and wear fashion together all the time. For fashion designers to take certain aspects of technology and use it to highlight fashion is different in many ways but it works well when done in a trendy manner.


Chris Burch is a successful businessman. He has started numerous companies from the ground up. His first company was started while he was still in college. That first company was a success and made millions of dollars. From his start in college, Chris Burch has continued his successful track record with starting companies.

An excellent communicator, Chris Burch has been able to provide executive leadership to his companies along with vision. He has earned a reputation in the business world as an outstanding executive and businessman.