How Equity First Holdings Helps Its Clients In Australia

Equity First Holding is a global financial services firm that is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. The firm also has offices in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Switzerland, and Australia. The Australia office recently moved from Sydney to Melbourne in order to be closer to its client base of high net worth individuals and businesses. Mitchell Hopwood is the Managing Director of Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty. Ltd. When commenting about the move he said that the new office space gives them room to expand and maintain closer contact with their current and future clients. Equities First Holdings Contact.

Equity First Holdings is a global leader in offering alternative shareholder loan solutions. The company supplies funds to clients in exchange for shares of stock during the loan period. These loans can be used for personal and professional goals such as the expansion of a business or increased hiring. The loans are offered with low fixed interest rates and high loan-to-value which is appealing to its clients, particularly those who do not have access to a traditional source of lending. So far Equity First Holdings has processed over 700 transactions with a total loan value of $1.4 billion. Read Their Resume Here.

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Equity First Holdings is Al Christy, Jr. In addition to Mitchell Hopwood other executive level personnel in Melbourne, Australia includes the Director, Andrew Stevens, and the Senior Associate Sanjay Vallabh. Hopwood is responsible for the overall operations of Equity First Holding’s Australian subsidiary. He also develops sales strategies that meet the needs of the local market. He has over 25 years of financial experience during his career including holding management positions at Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Mitchell Hopwood earned his MBA at the University of New South Wales – Australian Graduate School of Management.

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Ricardo Tosto Has A Wide Range of Expertise in Brazilian Law.

Brazil is a nation that has a several universities that are dedicated to law. In fact the country has been featured with the placement of the third nation in the entire world with the largest amount of attorneys. Second is America, with the number one slot being India. This is because Brazil on the whole has more schools devoted to law in their country than the entire world’s law schools.

There are a record 800 thousand attorneys in Brazil that were approved by the Bar Exam. However, one should consider that because there are indeed a large number of educational classes for law in the nation of Brazil, this doesn’t mean those classes are worth taking. Due to the insufficient grades that were earned by such a large number of Law students as they completed the ENADE and also the IDD, which are two of Brazil’s necessary exams for successful Law students, the esteemed Ministry of Education became involved.

Aloizio Mercadante is the respected Minister of Education, and he conducts inspections for every law class being taught at all Brazilian Universities. His goal is to guarantee that the universities meet the standards for law in Brazil. His inspections are due to the great amount of Brazilians that did not receive a passing grade from the Bar Exam. This was because the classes the students passed while at the Universities did not cover required subjects.

There are many thriving lawyers in Brazil. One of the most famous is without a doubt Mr. Ricardo Tosto. Mr. Ricardo Tosto initiated his career into law by laboring for some of the most impressive law firms in Brazil. After he acquired enough experience, Ricardo started his own legal agency. The group expanded to be one of Brazil’s largest legal groups. A few of Ricardo Tosto’s areas of expertise are Consumer Law, Civil Law, Property Law and Copyright Law.

Ricardo Tosto has defended people and businesses alike, including the government. Ricardo Tosto graduated from the esteemed Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, and is credited with creating many of Brazil’s legal precedents.


Hussain Sajwani humanitarian efforts have clothed children around the world.

The Properties Chairman of the business enterprise identified as DAMAC Properties is Mr. Hussain Sajwani. His property agency is positioned in the middle eastern nation of Dubai. In 2002 Mr. Hussain Sajwani produced the agency. This astonishing trade agency was made viable from a Dubai lawmaking decree that gives consent for foreigners to have their own realty in the emirate. DAMAC Properties is recpected as the foremost, principal fruitful private landed property agency in the sum of the Middle East.


Mr. Hussain Sajwani is an amazingly humanitarian person. Through his agency, DAMAC Properties, Mr. Sajwani has offered two million Arab Emirates Dollars, in an endeavor to make possible funding that provides urgently essential clothes to disadvantaged kids across the globe. It is expected that Mr. Sajwani’s particularly liberal gift will assist over 50,000 poor kids with clothes.


His agency, DAMAC Properties, also contains a hospitality subdivision branded DAMAC Maison. This subdivision of his agency supplies entirely tailored services to the people residing in their more or less 8,000 hotel units, together with an further 2,810 units likely to be incorporated inside of one year.


DAMAC Properties has joined together with the United States President, Donald Trump, to produce a couple of golf courses in Dubai with Trump’s brand. Mr. Trump stated in a press gathering that he is very good friends with Mr. Sajwani. Hussain presented a $2 billion estate agreement to Mr. Trump, which Trump, as a result of his Presidential vow, had to reject.


Mr. Sajwani is also associates with Trump’s family. Trump’s family does not come under a conflict of interest for establishing a worthwhile commerce industry in Dubai, with the Trump business’s brand. This facet was shown to Donald Trump while Mr. Sajwani was in America, at a dinner engagement with Trump’s family. Mr. Sajwani informed Mr. Trump that he came up with the idea that Trump could stay out of legal conflicts in regards to their partnerships, if the endeavors were to be handled, at least on documents, with Trump’s wife and kids, as opposed to Mr. Trump.

Hussain Sajwani: A Leader in the Luxury Market

Hussain Sajwani is the executive chairman of DAMAC Properties; he also serves as the company’s CEO and founder. DAMAC is one of the largest real estate companies in the world. Although this company started as a developer in the Middle East and Dubai, DAMAC had grown into an empire stretching across areas in North Africa and beyond. Worth billions of dollars, Hussain Sajwani’s skills have allowed him to become one of the most iconic business leaders in the area. His companies sell high-end property to customers with a taste for an exotic lifestyle. Sajwani has a strong relationship with the current leader of the United States; Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani have made large deals in the past, one over $2 billion, and they look forward to conducting more business in the future. Starting out in the food industry, Sajwani has grown into an international businessman capable of making massive deals with leaders of some of the most important nations in the world. Sajwani has helped develop golf courses for Trump, that was actually designed Tiger Woods, one of the best golfers to ever live. DAMAC is committed to providing properties of high-value and aesthetic, becoming a leading developer of luxury properties in the Middle East. Without Sajwani, DAMAC wouldn’t have been created in 2002. Currently, DAMAC has delivered approximately 20,000 units to satisfied customers looking for a truly luxury experience. Sajwani and his companies have given back to areas of economic turmoil, allowing these areas to become gentrified and flourishing with foreigners and locals alike. Sajwani has the power to orchestrate deals with leaders from around the world, and it is likely that his efforts will expand markets into new areas of interest, further growing his real-estate empire; DAMAC is continuing to grow and provide exquisite properties to privileged home-buyers.

Hussain Sajwani: the Dubai Business Titan

Hussain Sajwani is a popular Dubai-born executive and investor, with an interest real estate and capital markets. He is the founder, chairman, and owner of DAMAC Group, a multinational company headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Hussain pursued his studies at the University of Washington and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics. Hussain once served as a board member of various organizations including the Al Ahlia Insurance, Majan University College, and Emirates Takaful Company.


About Damac Group


The DAMAC Group was established in 1992 as a catering company in Dubai, UAE. Around that time, the company built and managed hotels that offered accommodation to foreign entrepreneurs in Dubai. According to the company’s founder, Hussain Sajwani, the catering business was not paying like he would have wished. Being an ambitious businessman, Hussain established the DAMAC Properties in 2002. DAMAC Properties was a subsidiary company of DAMAC Group that developed residential and commercial properties in the Middle East. Since its launch, Damac Properties has expanded its operations, employing close to 2,000 people.


Under the able leadership of Hussain, DAMAC Properties has launched numerous multi-million dollar projects in major cities like London, Beirut, Riyadh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Doha. The company is publicly listed, and its shares are traded on the Dubai financial market. The DAMAC Group is currently involved in several industries, including industrial catering, property development, and insurance.


Philanthropic initiatives


Hussain Sajwani, through the DAMAC properties, has significantly contributed to the philanthropy world. In 2013, he donated 2 million AED to the Ramadan initiative, a campaign aimed at providing clothes to more than one million needy children world over.


Hussain and Trump Business Ties


Before his election as the president of the U.S., Donald Trump had enjoyed a fruitful business partnership with Hussain Sajwani. The two real estate bigwigs teamed up to develop luxury villas under the Trump International Golf Club, and they have since made over $2 billion from the venture. According to Hussain, the election of Trump as the POTUS is good news to him and their business relationship. Besides business, the two billionaires are good family friends.



José Borghi Provides Great Leadership For Mullen Lowe Brasil

One of the most important needs of any company in the business world today is advertising. There are so many companies in the business world today both online with websites and through traditional brick and mortar companies that it is hard to get notice from the public. Without exposure from the public, especially concerning the products and services that companies offer, it is hard for companies to compete in the market.

One of the best ways to get exposure in the business world is with advertising. However, advertising is much more complex than what the average person realizes. Just getting advertising out in the public is not a guarantee that the advertising will produce results. Advertising requires a plan and a way of carrying out the plan. This is why many companies use an advertising agency to handle all advertising related functions.

Advertising agencies are specialized. The agencies understand what it takes to produce successful advertising results. Every company is different. What will work for one company concerning advertising will probably not work for another company. Every company has to have an advertising plan that will work based on the particulars of the company. A good advertising agency can accomplish this for companies.

In Brazil, one of the best advertising agencies is Mullen Lowe Brasil. The agency has an outstanding reputation in the advertising world. Mullen Lowe Brasil has a list of clients that would make any advertising agency proud. The agency is known for producing incredible advertising results for its clients.

The president of Mullen Lowe Brasil is Jose Borghi. As an advertising professional, Jose Borghi is one of the best in Brazil and known all over the world. Mr. Borghi has accomplished a lot in his professional career. He is known as an innovator, and he has a unique talent for understanding advertising.

Jose Borghi has developed ways of advertising that are structured differently than what many advertising agency do on a regular basis. Jose Borghi uses an approach to advertising that uses staff at Mullen Lowe Brasil on projects outside the area where the staff is located.

The use of staff outside the normal office setting to assist with projects in other locations is one of the ways that sets Jose Borghi apart from other advertising professionals.

The Success of Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law is specifically the study of the difference as well as the similarities of the legal systems across the world in both the past as well as in the present day. Comparative law has an interest in examining the different types of legal systems to not only understand the culture in each society, but to also understand the reason for the economic system and whether or not their is a strong amount of economic growth in each society and within each legal system that is examined. Philosophers as well as professors around the world have grown attracted to this new area of study due to the slow movement towards a globalized society. With the increase in the access to the internet and to many networks to chat, individuals around the world have begun to crave a society that is closer together. The field of comparative law hopes to examine the many legal systems in the hopes of building a new legal system for the future.

Comparative law grew in popularity by the 18th century due to the fact that not only travel started becoming cheaper, but also due to the fact that transportation allowed for traders to access new areas of the world and to interact with more individuals. This new development encouraged the study of different legal systems that were not only formed by monarchies, but were also formed by dictatorships as well as democratic societies. In present day, the mission is to find pieces of working legal systems. One individual in particular stands out against the rest due to the fact that he is on a mission to make the perfect legal system for the future.

This individual is professor Sujit Choudhry, a learned man who takes great pride in not only teaching law, but also in continuing his research within the field of law. Mr. Choudhry believes that his work will never be complete in a life time and hopes to inspire his students to pick up where he will leave off. As an Indian native, Mr. Choudhry truly hopes for a society that continues on the path to globalization.

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Why Sujit Choudhry is Commonly Referred to as the Michael Heyman of Law

Comparative law is a field of law that focuses on the similarities and differences in national laws of countries. It also stresses on the diverse legal systems that govern most countries these days. The comparative law encompasses disciplines such as socialist law, Jewish law, Chinese law, and Hindu law. This field also comprises of the analysis and description of foreign legal systems. Its relevance in law increases as economic globalization, internationalism, and democratization takes place.

History of Comparative Law

In the 18th century, Europe was the first continent with nations that practiced comparative law. Before Europe adopted the comparative law, legal scholars researched on comparative law methodologies. One of them is Montesquieu, who is usually referred to as the founder of comparative law. Montesquieu came up with a comparative approach. The approach was published in his De l’esprit des Lois book. In 1750, Thomas Nugent translated his book into English.

Comparative Law in Academics

In law schools, budding law practitioners study comparative law as an academic subject. It focuses on the study of the diverse legal systems of the world. Law students learn the several ways in which the legal systems differ. The comparative law was introduced in law schools for law practitioners to understand legal systems. This subject also helps in perfecting the legal systems that are in operation these days.

About Sujit Choudhry

As a legal expert and a law professor, Sujit Choudhry’s expertise lies in constitutional law. He has been referred to as the Michael Heyman of law because of his law research publications. Sujit Choudhry has worked as a constitution advisor for countries such as South Africa and Ukraine. His expertise was sought because of how he dissects matters relating to constitutional law. One of Choudhry’s research publications focused on how constitutional design can lead to peaceful democratic politics. As a law professor, he likes researching on problems affecting comparative constitutional law and methods for solving them.

Choudhry is also renowned for his reports, working papers, and book chapters. In 2006, he edited The Migration of Constitutional Ideas that was published by Cambridge Press. In 2008, Oxford Press published his book titled The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution. His other books include Constitution-Making and Constitutional Design for Divided Societies: Integration or Accommodation. Choudhry seats at the International Society of Public Law executive committee. He is also a member of International Journal of Constitutional Law’s board of directors.

Goettl: Social Media And Marketing

These days, one of the most important tools for success is social media. Many companies of all sizes uses social media in order to get people to follow them. This allows them to send updates to people. This is one of the most important aspects of success. When customers get updates from the company, they will still remember the air conditioning company. They will also be aware of new promotions that they may want to be involved in. This is something that is very helpful to the success of the company. These days, companies like Goettl have plenty of different social media accounts that they use to update people they are connected to.

One social media account that Goettl uses is LinkedIn. The professionals of Goettl have taken the time to make sure that the social media account is professional. At the top of the social media profile is an image of the company vehicle. Right below it is the contact numbers for four locations of the company. They also have a lot of information about the services that they offer. Among the services they offer are installation and maintenance services. These are the most important services that are offered by Goettl.

One thing that Goettl is very passionate about is making sure that their customers are able to relax. This is something that is going to take the company very far. The owner of the company is Ken Goodrich. He is someone that is very passionate about making sure that people are comfortable. When people have a working air conditioner unit, they will be very happy. Ken also wants to make sure that the air conditioner units are matched to the home so that the customer does not have to pay a huge energy bill. Goettl is a company that does a lot for the community even beyond business.

They Don’t Just Put You To Sleep..

Have you ever heard of a doctor going scuba diving with special needs children as a way to show them the world in a new way? The highly skilled and highly caring doctors at Capitol Anesthesiology are physicians that care about patients in and out of operating room. They give back to the community through many projects such as “Eels on Wheels”!

Located in Austin, TX, the practice is comprised of over 130 Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) and 83 MD Anesthesiologists who are highly competent in all areas of general, local and monitored anesthesia care. No matter what type of procedure you may be having, our team will ensure it to be as comfortable and painless as possible.

Our specialties include:

  • Obstetric Anesthesia (Epidurals)
  • MAC/Monitored Anesthesia Care (Twilight)
  • Local Anesthesia, often used for minor procedures
  • General Anesthesia
  • Pediatric Anesthesia
  • Cardiothoracic, used in bypass procedures

In addition to being a thriving practice of doctors and independent CRNAs, the practice helps give back to the community by training the next generation of medical professionals. Our physicians serve as attending physicians and mentors to nurses, paramedics, medical students and residents from local and visiting schools.