Brown Modeling Agency – A New Leader in Fashion Industry

Brown Agency, an independent model and talent recruiting agency quickly grew to be one of the most renowned fashion industry leaders in Central Texas. They base their goals in setting high-quality standards and establish bigger market expectations that hadn’t previously been seen in Central Texas. In just a short period of time, they achieved great success. Texas models have landed great contracts with well-established companies around the world such as Louis Vuitton, Toyota, L’oreal and thousands other big brands.

Brown Agency recently held their launch during Formula One Party in which Michael Bonnee, the theatrical agent at Brown Agency commented that we were able to establish a bigger market very quickly and were very fortunate to create a strong theatrical division as well as a commercial division. During the launch, the Brown Agency recognized that since the launch of the new theatrical agency they have already booked recurring roles on the leftover, American crimes, and queen of the south. This is an immense achievement for the company and it will make the agency go along further in future and also the agency is very excited to trademark activities like that. Justin Brown who is the president of the Brown Agency played a key role in making it a huge success. He thanked the media saying the positive role they played had a great impact in making the launch successful and said everything came along perfectly in this launch during the formula one party. He also dedicated the success of the launch party to the people who came out and enjoyed with them. The Brown Agency is predicted to have a bright future not only in the fashion industry but also getting commercial recognition.

As one of the best modeling and talent recognition agency, Brown Agency takes pride in selecting the brightest, talented individuals to films, TV’s and commercials. It takes pride in recognizing and selecting the best and preparing them for a bigger market level so that it enables them to deliver elegantly in a professional and dependable manner. Justin Brown, who is the president of Brown Agency, plays a key role in bringing success to this agency. He was born in Reno, Nevada and spends most of his childhood in Susanville, California. He studied Business Management and worked his way through college mostly by modeling. He was always interested on what goes on behind the scenes taking keen interest in it and has been training models to act and operate like professionals way before he started working at Brown Agency. He learned all the tricks and the techniques of the fashion industry and implemented all his skills in the agency playing a key role in bringing success to the Brown Agency.