Ricardo Tosto Has A Wide Range of Expertise in Brazilian Law.

Brazil is a nation that has a several universities that are dedicated to law. In fact the country has been featured with the placement of the third nation in the entire world with the largest amount of attorneys. Second is America, with the number one slot being India. This is because Brazil on the whole has more schools devoted to law in their country than the entire world’s law schools.

There are a record 800 thousand attorneys in Brazil that were approved by the Bar Exam. However, one should consider that because there are indeed a large number of educational classes for law in the nation of Brazil, this doesn’t mean those classes are worth taking. Due to the insufficient grades that were earned by such a large number of Law students as they completed the ENADE and also the IDD, which are two of Brazil’s necessary exams for successful Law students, the esteemed Ministry of Education became involved.

Aloizio Mercadante is the respected Minister of Education, and he conducts inspections for every law class being taught at all Brazilian Universities. His goal is to guarantee that the universities meet the standards for law in Brazil. His inspections are due to the great amount of Brazilians that did not receive a passing grade from the Bar Exam. This was because the classes the students passed while at the Universities did not cover required subjects.

There are many thriving lawyers in Brazil. One of the most famous is without a doubt Mr. Ricardo Tosto. Mr. Ricardo Tosto initiated his career into law by laboring for some of the most impressive law firms in Brazil. After he acquired enough experience, Ricardo started his own legal agency. The group expanded to be one of Brazil’s largest legal groups. A few of Ricardo Tosto’s areas of expertise are Consumer Law, Civil Law, Property Law and Copyright Law.

Ricardo Tosto has defended people and businesses alike, including the government. Ricardo Tosto graduated from the esteemed Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, and is credited with creating many of Brazil’s legal precedents.


Ricardo Tosto: Choosing A Reputable Business Lawyer

Are you running a business in Brazil? Do you need a good lawyer that caters to business or corporate litigation clients in Brazil? When you find yourself facing a difficult business decision or legal matter, it is advisable to get a lawyer right away.

Business matters primarily entail communication between the two parties through their lawyers. You will get in touch with your lawyer and provide the pertinent documentation when you receive notice that litigation has started or is imminent. Your legal advisor will reach out to the other party’s lawyer to discuss the case and often file an answer.

The litigation process usually takes a long time and can be anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years. The resolution of the matter highly depends upon the nature of the problem, the willingness for both parties to find a satisfactory resolution, and what each party is demanding. The preparation for trial is arduous and long if your case ends up in trial. An experienced lawyer may be able to estimate how long it could take for your case be resolved.

Ricardo Tosto is an experienced business lawyer in Brazil. He has great expertise in litigation and handles business and corporate law.

Ricardo Tosto applies his years of legal expertise to complex problems. Regardless of the size of the scenario, you can rest assured that Ricardo Tosto will aggressively pursue your scenario with all of the diligence required.

Ricardo Tosto has been widely recognized and honored not just for the outstanding quality of his work, but also for the innovative approach to achieving impressive results. And, Ricardo Tosto maximizes the benefit to his clients, thus ensuring a healthy return on their investment in his work.

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Ricardo Tosto has Transformed Milk, Tosto e Barros into a Leading Law Firm in Brazil

Over the past two decades, the Brazilian corporate law industry has grown immensely. The number and size of law firms have increased substantially. Most law firms have leveraged their fast-paced growth to adopt unique methods of operation, hiring, and management. Lawyers such as Ricardo Tosto have transformed the corporate sector by solving complex litigation issues.

Tips for hiring an ideal business lawyer in Brazil

  1. Seek referrals from friends, relatives, and workmates

If you live in Brazil, seeking recommendations from people who are close to you is the easiest way of hiring a litigation lawyer. However, these individuals must have enjoyed the services of the lawyer they are recommending.

  1. Professional expertise

A good business lawyer must have handled several litigation cases for at least five years. She or he must demonstrate an in-depth mastery of their field of specialty. You can check out the website of at least three lawyers and examine their qualifications.

  1. Exceptional oral and written communication abilities

A business attorney should be verbally articulate, have excellent written communication abilities, and be a keen listener. She or he must understand the court demeanor and answer questions from the opposing lawyer in a confident and professional manner.

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a veteran attorney based in Brazil. He commenced his career in a small office that grew to become one of the trusted commercial litigation firms in Brazil. He offers legal solutions to wealthy individuals, prominent personalities, and corporations. The Brazilian legal community recognizes Ricardo Tosto as a talented litigation attorney. Tosto has been instrumental in the development of laws and legal strategies that have been embraced by the legal system of Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto is the founder and senior partner of Milk, Tosto, and Barros law firm. The company is a heavyweight when it comes to acting in complicated and high-value litigation. Under the exceptional guidance of Tosto, the law firm hands cases that range from compliance & white-collar crime, labor, and environment. The main offices of Milk, Tosto e Barros are located in Sao Paulo. The firm has expanded its operations to Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro.

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