Understanding the Synergy between Technology and Fashion

There is a saying that understanding makes the difference. This is true when it comes to understanding the synergy between technology and fashion. People excelling in either or both industries have a strong grasp of the intricacies involve. It reminds me of Chris Burch. He commands great success in both industries and on several occasions have spoken on the need to understand the union of these two industries as a way of making the most of the opportunities they offer.


Chris Burch is one of the few qualified individuals to speak on the above topic. The reasons are not far-fetched. He has practically been on the field, so he will not just be speaking from head knowledge. Aside being practically involved, Burch stands out in the crowd in terms of the millions of dollars he is making as profits from both industries. In fact, he could not wait to finish college before becoming a millionaire in business. His wealth is not a product of family inheritance but the fruits of his labor.Even the company under his watch at the moment, Burch Creative Capital, is doing exceedingly well by all standard with intimidating brand of portfolio.


To begin with, every fashion or technology inclined person must understand the nature of the trend that characterize the synergy between these two industries. The trend involves a non-stop series of inventions with the later an improvement on the former. For instance, music lovers in the 70s were overwhelmed with the invention of the boom box. With it , music can be enjoyed in just anywhere. The introduction of the Walkman in the 90s completely sent the boom box out of the market because the later was more portable and provided a better personal music experience. Another invention, the iPod, came on board just before the close of the millennium, which was an improvement on the Walkman.That has been the trend ever since.


There is also the need to understand that without technology, fashion will be grossly undermined. Almost all successful fashion designers are technologically inclined. The Dutch fashion designer, Anouk Wipprecht, literally sang the praise of technology in these words:”technology is like a playground, a place of experiment, and as you dive deeper and deeper into the technology and systems, it rewards you with endless possibilities.”


On the other hand, understanding that fashion is not a parasite with no good to offer in this union is vital. Many technological products may lack patronage and awareness without the assistance of fashion. Fashion Shows in the country helps to sell tech products into the heart of people and have saved a number of firms from collapse because without patronage no company can survive.


Having the above basic understandings will serve as a launching pad to greater heights in both or any of the two industries.