Thor Halvorssen Continues To Fight For Human Rights In World’s Most Peaceful Time

One of the most interesting things I have come across in a while has come out of Cornell University. A professor at the ivy league college came out with a groundbreaking sociological study that says we are living in the most peaceful time in recorded human history. You read that right. Despite the rhetoric of politicians, 2016 was the most peaceful year in the history of human beings across the board.

The study took into account crime rates, war and terrorism. Despite the incredibly wonderful news, Thor Halvorssen is still at work helping the human race.Thor Halvorssen heads up the Human Rights Foundation, a small non-profit based out of New York City. The small organization does big things for human rights around the world. They specifically target unilateral dictators around the world. The kind of men who have ultimate authority in their countries with no checks or balances to worry about. Their power is also centralized. They do not have to run any decisions by any other branch of government. These dictators are the targets of the Human Rights Foundation.

After all, the study on peace that came out of Cornell does not address non-lethal crimes. These dictators are still suppressing and marginalizing people. The dictators use their authority to strip their own countries of natural resources. And they do not share the riches of these resources. These dictators, through abuse of their own people, stand as the sole profiteers of their country’s resources.Thor Halvorssen is the guy who is speaking up for these marginalized people. The first thing that the Human Rights Foundation does when it targets a dictator is to educate the world about that dictator’s behavior. Thor likes to use social media and pop culture events to promote this education.Nikki Minaj, famous pop star and rapper, recently took a personal jet to Angola to play a private concert for the country’s unilateral dictator. Thor wrote an open letter to the pop star urging her not to attend. The pop star’s fame helped to promote the education about the human rights abuses of the dictator.


Thor Halvorssen, a Staunch Human Rights Advocate and Film Producer

Thor Halvorssen founded the Oslo Freedom Forum and is the President of the Human Rights Foundation. Venezuelan-born he attended the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated magna cum laude and phi Beta Kapp.

As a Human Rights advocate, he works to defend the Democracy and Civil Liberties. His expertise is in dictatorships, slavery, and human trafficking. He lectures on these topics and more in places like the Harvard Law School, The United Nations Association in New York, the New York City Junto, and the American Enterprise Institute.

Halvorssen is involved in a project called “Speaking Freely” to inform global decision makers as well as the public concerning the high free speech standard and its value. This research project will study the evolution of the Amendment of free speech standard and the ideas behind it.

Thor Halvorssen is a film producer who is now producing a film adaptation of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, a science fiction film, written by Robert A. Heinlein. He has worked with Lucy Liu, Andrew Vajna, and Quentin Tarantino as co-producer of the film Freedoms Fury, which tells the story of the uprising against dictatorship in Hungary in 1956. He was also the executive producer on the film, Hammer & Tickle, about Soviet tyranny which won Best New Documentary Film at the Zurich Film Festival.

The Human Rights Foundation is a non-profit entity and follows the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as to the definition of human rights. This Covenant states that people are entitled to the right to worship in the religion of their choice, the right to speak freely, the right of a person to acquire property and to dispose of that property as they see fit. That people have the right to expect equal treatment and due process of the law, just to enumerate a few of the rights set forth in the Covenant.