Omar Boraie Is Giving To Rutgers For Medical Research

The medical research completed in New Brunswick at Rutgers is a large part of what makes their school, and they wish to make their city into a medical research paradise. This article explains how Omar Boraie has given to the school to help them expand their research, and there is a Newswise article on the same topic. Anyone who is interested in the medical research field must look to what Omar Boraie has done to make Rutgers a better place to come.

#1: The Genomics Division Is Growing

The genomics division at Rutgers now may pay for a chairman who will have the financial backing of Omar Boraie and his family. The $1.5 million gift to the university will help bring in someone who is prepared to lead the genomics division in a new direction, and they will have more research coming out of their labs every year with a proper leader. The leaders who are applying to come to Rutgers will be among the best in the world, and they will bring expertise to the university that is always welcome.

#2: What Does Omar Do In New Jersey?

New Jersey is growing every year because it helps the people moving into the state with jobs and residences. According to NJ biz, there are many development options that ensure a community is working in harmony, and they will all sit together once Boraie Development has done their work. They build everything from new apartments to large shopping complexes. They are willing to find a place where everyone will feel safe, and they build it into something new. They are willing to do all the development work, and Omar has taken over properties around the state that needed extra attention.

The career of Sam Boraie has been dedicated to his home state, and he has done much of his work in the New Brunswick area around Rutgers. He is giving to the genomics department at the university because he knows what it means to them to expand. They will see more research coming from the school, and his financial support carries weight in the academic community. To read more about Boraie Development, go to



The Many Talents of Clay Siegall

If you’re not too familiar with cancer research then you’re probably unaware of some very talented individuals. The fight against cancer is at an all-time high and there have been many advanced breakthroughs over the past 16 years. Many of the medications currently used today are much more effective than medications of the past. Seattle Genetics is one of the leaders when it comes to advanced breakthrough therapies. The organization has well 800 employees, been ranked by Forbes as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation, and it produces some of the very best cancer fighting drugs. With any great company/business, there has to be great leadership and Seattle Genetics is no exception.


Clay Siegall is the man of the hour and he’s doing everything in his power to eradicate the world of this deadly disease. He’s a man of many talents because of his broad educational background. He’s known by many as a philanthropist, doctor, scientist, guest speaker, and author. Dr. Siegall has been in the game for many years and has worked with many of the biggest names in cancer research such as The National Institute of Health, The National Cancer Institute, and Bristol Myers Squibb. Dr. Siegall studied at George Washington University and received a Ph.D in Genetics. He also studied at The University of Maryland where he received a (BS) in Zoology. As you can see, the guy is clearly in a class of his own. Being the President, CEO, and a Founder of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall has built a strong structure to work from. He implements his three main functions to success being rigorous research, drug development, and scientific innovation. This way of thinking has pushed the organization ahead of it’s competitors and it’s flagship drug (ADCETRIS), has racked up hundreds of million in Canada and the U.S.


Dr. Clay Siegall just knows how to get things done efficiently and effectively. All in all, the future of cancer research is in great hands (via) Seattle Genetics and Dr. Siegall is steering the ship to even more success in the future.


Avi Weisfogel: Sleep Apnea Expert

Not many people would associate sleep disorders and conditions with dental problems. In reality, there are lots of dental professionals who treat patients with sleeping problems. The matter of sleep isn’t a fully studied field, so there’s always new evidence linking seemingly abstract professionals to the cause. For lots of dentists, they start receiving sleep-related patient complaints within their first month of operations.

For Avi Weisfogel, it was his first week on the job. He was receiving so many sleep patients that he developed a keen interest in the subject. He became interested in the marketing and business that dentists offer. Eventually, he would end up joining most of the dental marketing clubs in the country. Despite great success in these clubs, he was dissatisfied with the marketing strategy used by the clubs.

He wanted a strategy that would provide a steady flow of oral appliance patients. In 2010, Avi left the practice and opened his own sleep-based company. He spent the next two years and millions of dollars developing a system that could provide him with the 300 oral appliance patients a month that he wanted. His system has since made him famous in the medical world.

His system was so successful that he began teaching others. He spent the next year teaching classes of fellow professionals his methods. Along with his partner Barry, he created the Dental Sleep Masters programs. The program was designed to reach out to more dentists, physicians, and patients that could benefit from the program. The program is an immensely progressive step in the world of sleep medicine.

Far too many people with sleep disturbed breathing go undiagnosed. About 90 percent of people with sleeping troubles are unaware that there are treatments and programs that could help.The new model created by Avi’s program creates a positive environment in which physicians and their associates, as well as the patient, can get a better understanding of what’s causing the problem. The program has been such a success that hundreds of other dentists have joined the team.


George Soros Sounds Off On Donald Trump

Battle Of The Billionaires
2016 was the year that billionaires George Soros and Donald Trump went toe to toe. Donald Trump’s bid for the White House wasn’t taken seriously at first, but he was clearly able to achieve victory. His views on globalization and free trade, issues that George Soros strongly favors, have led to harsh criticisms. Now, George Soros believes he needs to speak out against Trump more than ever and to find a way to reclaim power for progressives.

The Stunning Victory Of Trump
Nobody saw the upsetting victory of Donald Trump. It simply wasn’t assumed that he would find a pathway to victory given the fact that most polls put Hillary Clinton ahead on NYTimes. However, on election night he managed to walk away with a shockingly large electoral victory. Since that election Soros has spent much of his time trying to help Democrats think of a plan for the road ahead. he intends to do just about everything he can to fight against the agenda that Trump has laid out and encourages Democrats to fight at all stages.

Where Trump Will Take Us
George Soros believes that the ultimate result of Donald Trump’s actions will lead to a weaker America and signal the end of America’s position as a world power. He points to some of Trump’s earliest decisions such as his move to remove the U.S from the Paris climate deal and the end of TPP. This will leave a vacuum that will eventually find a replacement. Other countries, particularly China, are eyeing world power and George Soros sees this as the perfect opportunity for those countries to take over. Things are changing this might not end well for America.

A Departure From Normalcy
Many believe that the current state of affairs in politics is something we have always seen, but George Soros is quick to claim that this is not the normal state of politics on Forbes. He believes we are headed down a dangerous path and may even face tyranny or dictatorship if resistance isn’t strong enough. Donald Trump has said he is determined to deliver on his campaign promises and many of those promises are explicitly opposed to globalization. George Soros has distinguished himself as a long time supporter of globalization and does not want to see it end any time soon.

About George Soros
George Soros is a hedge fund manager and political donor with a strong focus on progressive politics. He believes the global unity is good for the world’s economy and provides people with an opportunity to improve their lives on Business Insider. In order to give this to the most people possible he contributes to the political campaigns of left wing politicians.

Air Conditioning



Many people today need additional help with their air conditioning services. With the explosion of the housing market in many areas, repairing and replacing these units is essential. The good news is that you can save money by getting regular maintenance on your unit. Working with Goettl is one of the best decisions that you can make for your air conditioning unit. This is a company that has proven to have the best interests of the customers in mind over the years.


Starting Out


From the time the company was started, Goettl has always cared about customers. This is why so many people leave positive reviews about their experiences with this company. Not only does the company have a great website that you can use, but it also has great employees that work for it. Many people in the local community already use their services for their air conditioning units.




Do you want to improve your air conditioning unit? Working with Goettl is the best decision you can make in this area. This is a company that has a track record of success in helping others. They have the customer service that you want in a local business, and they have the experience that you need to solve your air conditioning problems. Come by and see them today in order to get the process started with your unit. They will help maintain your unit for many years, and this will help save time and money later on.


Compassionate MUMC CEO–Maggie Gill is at It Again–Providing the Healthcare Consumer with the Greatest in Savings while Still Attaining the Utmost in Quality Healthcare Services:

Look over at MUMC’s CEO, Maggie Gill, and one thought comes to mind: “Cost-Savings.” The second thought is: “Superior Service.” Ms. Gill has learned to achieve, in her leadership role at the Memorial University Medical Center, located in beautiful Savannah, Georgia, something that many leaders have yet to achieve: “A savings in costs without sacrificing quality levels of service.” She continually strives to maintain the objective. And, as is apparent, during the progressive career and leadership pattern, of Ms. Gill, she has acquired the objective.


So how does she do it? Ms. Gill states that she is a very strong believer of preventative approaches with regard to achieving quality health, within the community. She aims to achieve this component, in her coupling with organizations such as Eon Health. The health insurer also believes in this customer-centric belief. Sure: everyone is going to need health services from time-to-time; however, what is preventable, both Maggie Gill and the health care provider believe is absolutely essential, in achieving the best in healthcare services. In other words, a healthy community is a happier community.


Maggie Gill, too, is a firm believer in not skimping on quality of service as a means of cost-reduction. She has made it her aim to trim costs where there is true excess. She applies or allocates funds where the need is most essential. It is this type of intelligent thinking that time-and-time again provides notice and awards for the personable and compassionate CEO and her team at MUMC. Maggie Gill and her quality team of healthcare professionals have been recognized by many outstanding and prestigious healthcare organizations and societies with respect to their dedicated service levels.


Savannah, Georgia, in way of its health populace, is experiencing healthier lifestyles, by way of the Memorial University Medical Center, under the leadership and directive of the illustrious Maggie Gill. She well meets the expectations of MUMC’s internal staff and the outside public–in general.

Doug Levitt’s Greyhound Diaries Brings The News

For many years, the U.S entertainment industry has been trying to showcase and bring the news on how people struggle in the society. A renowned artist, Doug Levitt, followed this tradition while creating his multimedia project “The Greyhound Diaries” with a broad ranging exploration of the U.S. poverty in novel, music and graphic form. He uses all these artistic forms during his live shows. The shows combine his personal experience, storytelling in the form of songs and the photographic images he projects during the performances he gives while touring the world.


Greyhound Diaries is a musical and live multimedia brought into action by Doug Levitt. Doug has traveled for more than ten years and has over 100,000 Greyhound miles offering chronicles of fellow travelers. He began his first journey in late 2004. This was a six-week long bus tour. The carried a guitar, a duct-taped laptop and a digital camera. His main aim was to shed light on the working poor and the least expected in our daily dissertations. This way, he got to tell a story of what exists beyond the usual daily captions.


Doug was born in 1972, and he is the youngest in his family. His parents are David and Carol Schwartz. He went to Washington D.C. public schools and graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School. He then attended the Cornell University. Later, he got a Fulbright Scholarship and managed to graduate with masters in Internal Relations after studying at London School of Economics.


When his dad committed suicide while he was sixteen years old, Levitt chose to heal by making the experience instrumental in his path towards becoming an artist.


Levitt admits that growing up in Washington D.C. didn’t make it easy for him to understand how those in the low classes of the society were often described to be recession proof. His life changed when he was working and living in London. He was a foreign correspondent. Doug decided that he would change his life and focus on music and scrutinize the lives of the people who struggle in the society.

Ricardo Tosto: Choosing A Reputable Business Lawyer

Are you running a business in Brazil? Do you need a good lawyer that caters to business or corporate litigation clients in Brazil? When you find yourself facing a difficult business decision or legal matter, it is advisable to get a lawyer right away.

Business matters primarily entail communication between the two parties through their lawyers. You will get in touch with your lawyer and provide the pertinent documentation when you receive notice that litigation has started or is imminent. Your legal advisor will reach out to the other party’s lawyer to discuss the case and often file an answer.

The litigation process usually takes a long time and can be anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years. The resolution of the matter highly depends upon the nature of the problem, the willingness for both parties to find a satisfactory resolution, and what each party is demanding. The preparation for trial is arduous and long if your case ends up in trial. An experienced lawyer may be able to estimate how long it could take for your case be resolved.

Ricardo Tosto is an experienced business lawyer in Brazil. He has great expertise in litigation and handles business and corporate law.

Ricardo Tosto applies his years of legal expertise to complex problems. Regardless of the size of the scenario, you can rest assured that Ricardo Tosto will aggressively pursue your scenario with all of the diligence required.

Ricardo Tosto has been widely recognized and honored not just for the outstanding quality of his work, but also for the innovative approach to achieving impressive results. And, Ricardo Tosto maximizes the benefit to his clients, thus ensuring a healthy return on their investment in his work.

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Kate Hudson’s Fashionable Fabletics

In 2003 Kate Hudson started Fabletics as a subsidiary under the e-commerce site JustFab. The company’s business model is based on the belief that women want to get fashionable active wear but for reasonable prices. Starting out as as an online only retailer, the company has now expanded to having 18 brick & mortar locations in the United States. There are plans for 2017 in the works to double the number of B&M stores that Fabletics operates.

When a customer first accesses the website they are prompted to complete a quiz. This quiz is designed to discover what fashions and products the customer is interested in so that Fabletics can give them better, more personalized recommendations. Fabletics also offers a VIP Membership plan. If a customers opts into this $49.95 a month plan they receive several perks. The perks include such things as 50% off the customers favorite brands, or even saving 50% off each order. A customer can log in between the 1st and the 5th of the month to make a selection or “skip this month” in which case there is no monthly fee charged.

The company recently expanded by launching a free online daily workout routine. Each month a new top fitness instructor will guide participants through their specialized routines. These classes are free for VIP members, however the customer does need to log in to the Fabletics website at least once each month in order to receive this perk. This new initiative will also include discounts to what they call “fit-cations” (fitness vacations), juice brands, and massages.

Fabletics has gotten some very positive reviews. Once of these was from the blogger “The Crazy Coupon Lady“. The blog states how much she enjoys that there are new outfits to consider every month, and how they are personalized to her style and workout preferences. She also really likes how she gets new handpicked outfits delivered to her on the first of every month.

Fabletics has also been reviewed by Teri Hutcheon, the blogger who runs the website “A Foodie Stays Fit“. After having been a customer for awhile she wrote her review and had positive things to say. She found the workout clothing to be a great deal and of good quality. She also stated that she was very impressed by the styles offered.

How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

Josh Verne is one of the most recognised serial entrepreneurs based in the United States. For more than twenty years, he has worked to serve the business population by founding and selling over 20 businesses from scratch in the United States. Moreover, most of the businesses he has sold are multi-million conglomerates whose value spans millions of dollars. Josh Verne is also a recognised business lecturer who has his experience taught and passed on to the next generation of business people. For this reason, he has developed guidelines through which the business leaders can follow and succeed in life and business. According to him, vision is what separates successful business people from failures in life. This is because it is through business where a person is considered as successful person. Vision is the art of seeing what other people cannot see in normal conditions. Josh Verne is the Founder and President of


Let’s have a look at the building block of a successful person in life and business.

  1. Everything must be a win-win

For you to succeed in business and life, ensure that understand that those people around you are more important than you. Whenever you have people participate in a deal. Ensure that they never accede to a course of action which has no one included in the benefit section. For this reason, you will have the best interests of the people at heart. Strive to achieve a winning situation for all individuals. If you win, it will also translate to a win for your clients. Moreover, everyone will also win including the society from whom you get your business. If you engage in selfish courses in your business, you will be forced to lay aside all your customers and start working like a new business which has no clients. In this way, you will fall like thunder.

Find out more about Josh Verne: