Andrew Rolfe & Abuntu: Saving South America’s Impoverished Children!

Ubuntu is a special non-profit philanthropic funding organization that was created by Jacob Lief and Malizole Banks in 1999. Their mission for establishing the Ubuntu Fund was to provide education for underprivileged children in Port Prince, South Africa. Using Malizole’s school Ubuntu was able to distribute educational supplies to children. They rapidly became aware that even with the proper educational tools; children were still having much difficulty learning due to unfortunate family circumstances, malnutrition and disease.

Ubuntu’s dedication to the children caused them to rethink the conventional growth model and come up with a grassroots based delivery plan that was better able to meet the challenges these children needed to overcome in order to learn. For over ten years Ubuntu has perfected their signature delivery model and now incorporates provisional care from baby age through adult occupation. They also offer family fortification aid. With over 4000,000 citizens in Port Prince, Ubuntu has concentrated their efforts on providing localized full range care.

Andrew Rolfe, chairman on the Board of Directors for the Ubuntu Fund has been integral in maintaining that all funding received goes to the children and not miscellaneous expenses, such as staff or office supply. Mr. Rolfe and his team also nobly negotiate larger donations given to the Ubuntu Fund from benefactors are given without limitations. In this way the full portion is invested in the children. Richard has dedicated his life’s work in helping South African impoverished youth attain mentorship, freedom, education, basic physical and emotional needs. He has facilitated hope within vulnerable children who battle the many challenges of not having enough so they too can go on to a successful education and life.

One of Andrew Rolf’s greatest desires is to ensure that children in the Ubuntu program grow up and become successful and capable leaders of their communities. Andrew Rolfe strives to ensure the students can transition from high school into college. He focuses his efforts on small South African districts where children’s educations aren’t attainable. Andrew Rolf has become renowned for ensuring children’s transition from poverty to well-being!

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