A Look At IT Tech Recruiting Expert John Goullet

After graduating from Ursinus College in 1983 with a degree in Computer Science, John Goullet embarked on a career as an IT Consultant. After several years, as he gained experience in the industry, he noted that there was a huge demand for IT Consultants and other technology positions. Seeing others have success as IT Staffing Consultants, Goullet was inspired to start his own company where he would supply technology workers to meet that demand. The result was his company Info Technologies which he founded in 1994. After a short time, he was placing job candidates at businesses all across the United States including at Fortune 500 companies. Under his leadership, Info Technologies was worth $30 million after just five years and Inc. Magazine listed Goullet’s company as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the country.

After a number of years, John Goullet saw an opportunity to further grow his business by partnering with another IT consulting firm. He brokered a deal with Diversant Inc. and merged with their company. After the merger was complete Goullet was named the Principal of Diversant and he set about being a leader of the company. Diversant focuses on providing talented IT personnel to mid-market and Fortune 500 companies. It is also certified as the largest African-American owned company in the US.

John Goullet has stated that he enjoys meeting the ever changing demands of the IT field. He thinks that there aren’t enough students graduating from colleges in the United States in order to meet that demand. Goullet has become skilled at identifying what skills and toolkits are going to be needed in the industry in the mid-term future and then helping the candidates that Diversant has in order to develop those skills.

Another thing that excites John Goullet about his industry is that the technology sector makes up an ever increasing amount of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product. This leads to more and more people being needed in the field. Goullet has said that as long as they consistently deliver quality candidates the future of Diversant is very bright.

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