Michael Haltman

pushing ahead

Technology is quickly catching up with every sector of the economy. The health sector has not been left out with every new invention incorporating technology to offer the best services to clients. One such establishment that has embraced technology is Augmedics. Tim Murawski leads Augmedics. Augmedics is a Chicago-based firm dedicated to integrating augmented care and technology into spine surgery. Tim Murawski was born and raised in Chicago. 


He attended a prestigious university and earned a degree in operations and supervision management. After graduation, Tim Murawski went to work in the buying department of a significant chemical business. He moved on to other organizations, where he was primarily in charge of medical equipment sales. In terms of Tim Murawski´s contribution to surgical robotics, it is worth mentioning that he held numerous high roles before being president of Augmedics.


With cutting-edge technologies, the business hopes to enhance surgery. The emphasis is on improving healthcare and surgical outcomes. The invention works in such a way that it allows the surgeon to imitate technology similar to an x-ray vision (Bizjournals). 


Thus, the surgeon can have a better view of the patient on the operating table. The surgeon can focus more on the patient than the screen, as this has always been. Implementing this technology in surgery has improved success rates and enhanced patient service delivery, translating to safer surgeries for patients. Tim Murawski has invented various treatment methods that have proven effective in treating different ailments. His recent innovation remains unmatched in surgery and is embraced worldwide by other surgeons.